Neptune Emissaries

15 April 2020

Cosmic rays of purples, reds, oranges and blues gather around the exterior of this Realm.

I see bodies made of water. They can move, morph, change into and around whatever they want.

I start off on my favorite private beach cove on Erra, Pleiades. It is beautiful and tranquil and I can see huge planets nearby. I fix my pillar all the way down to Gaia, through the Pleiades and up to Source via Neptune.

The Neptune emissaries show me a sextant. The 3 legs are pointed to where they are located in relation to Orion. Whether this is true I am not sure, this will require further research.

I am told that Water is an Entity. An Entity = Consciousness

They tell me that Source is an entity. All our consciousnesses are extensions of Source and influence the entity to a light or dark polarity. Source itself has light and dark within it. Even dark consciousnesses seek unity with their Source (albeit a dark one!)

Source Duality

All living things have a consciousness but only PHYSICAL consciousnesses, i.e. those that have bodies, create and affect the quantum balance.

They show me oceans, mountain streams, rivers and waterfalls. All fresh water. Again I receive confirmation that Earth was created with fresh water initially. I see surroundings that look very Hawaiian and tropical with fresh water. I have been receiving pearls as gifts from guides in the past, together with a sense of it being “Pearls of Wisdom”.

I perceive Lemuria (early Earth) to have had fresh water pearls too and know that I used to dive for them, heal with them etc.

A cosmic celeb gathering

I see myself at my private, secluded Erra beach cove, sitting underneath a huge white canvas shading with many Cosmic Celebs like David Wilcock, his wife Elizabeth, James Gilliland, Corey Goode, Gosia and Robert, Laura Eisenhower etc. This is a gathering for the 3D Starseeds only and no visible guides are present. Everyone is in a happy and meditative state while the Water is telling me all this info. I get to walk around, up a path leading to cliffs with a bench overlooking the ocean. The path goes further on and forks towards a foresty area and I know Swaruu and others live inland. My earthly brother (deceased) joins me on the bench and states: “We are from Sirius. From there the water energy surrounding us, working with us”.

I still have a mixed (inter-specie) feeling that I am from Sirius AND Erra somehow and the image of a Sirius father with a Pleiadian mother is there again. Despite also having Lyran genetics, these are the two most prominent ones. My conscious mind is trying hard to figure out this puzzle but I trust all shall be revealed in due course.

All of them, including the Elements, had a hand in Earth’s creation and the seeding thereafter. Details to follow soon.

Dreamtime with Aneeka

This was a pretty bizarre occurrence. During dreamtime I kept hearing the voice of Aneeka (exactly as it was recorded by Gosia) and she tells me that they are aware of the fact that humans are under the impression that the New Earth will still happen in their lifetime.

They don’t want to alert people to the fact that it will still be a couple hundred of years because we as humans are Creators. We create with our thoughts, wishes, visions and emotions. At present, billions are busy creating this beautiful New Earth (which is much needed!) and if they had to know the truth they basically do not have any incentive to keep on being Lightworkers that are creating and fighting off the Dark consciousness who in turn is seeking THEIR union with Dark Source. This will cause the destruction of this ascending planet and all victories in favor of the Light will be for nothing.

Humanity must not know this and I fully understand and agree that we cannot share all info all the time. Humans have come far but are not quite where they should be to understand the dynamics of this….


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