Sirius (A & B)

(The Cosmic Neighbor Series)

The Sirians I have come to know are simply amazing beings. And beautiful too!

If you could imagine what a happy, bohemian artist would look like, you would get the idea.

You simply have to look at people like Edward Sharpe of the Magnetic Zeros, Jason Momoa or Russel Brand to get the idea. The men are mostly bearded while the woman are arty, bohemian and gypsey-like. Very sensual and mysterious.

They have always presented themselves to me in various forms but mostly as a happy group living “island style”. They are know for the following:

  • Making music
  • Creating art (all forms)
  • Living joyfully in every moment
  • They are able to shift their consciousnesses into other states like Water and other aquatic energy, all the while conveying a message or keeping up a narrative.
  • They are big explorers of our Universe, wise, positive and forever seeking to collect knowledge. They are like record keepers and have collected much info on a Universal level. They refer to these missions as “Big Boy Journeys” where they assist with gathering intel, knowledge, how to apply it and continue to search and store more.
  • Sirius B is where most of the “serious” beings reside. Here you will find the dark and dramatic artist, poets or musicians.
  • Sirius A is larger and the most favorable planet, filled with nature and oceans and tranquil space

A visit to Sirius A

On 19 July 2019 I connected with a group of young and jovial, bearded men on Sirius. They made me understand how they are indeed always in “Explore mode”, looking to gain more knowledge in any regard – even more so than the Pleiadians! I sense the cosmic humor and good, clean, fun they are having with this healthy feeling of competitiveness. They continued to tell me how they are the ones channeling creativity and searches for improvement, gaining knowledge etc. to humanity.

As I get the image of Edward Sharpe shown to me they make it abundantly clear to me that he is a Sirius starseed and HOW MUCH THEY LOVE HIM! Indeed patriotic super fans. They continued to say that what he has created and achieved in this life complex is super creative and true to his connection to his Sirian lineage. His look matches theirs (or did they copy him?!) but ultimately, they are proud and huge fans.

Boys vs Girls

The boys continue to tell me there are groups of boys and girls who often find it socially acceptable and healthy competition among them to go out into the Universe in search for knowledge in their respective gender-based groups. Like now, the “boys” are connecting and chatting to me but the girls don’t know they slipped away to do this. Meaning that they are innocently sneaky and just scored points in the “competition”. This is just for everyday fun and friendly banter.

They do however work together as a collective or in mixed groups. They do serious searches, explorations and possess vast knowledge that far exceed our own. They confirmed that the Pleiadians also explore but that they are more into technological advancement. The Pleiadians are more involved with technological and electrical progress etc. in terms of their own and earthly development. The Pleiadians look up to the Arcturians and aspire to be great masters of ancient and powerful technology, just like them.

Sirians & Frangipani’s

A short session during October showed me again the island life but this time the Frangipani flower was very prominent. Nothing else. I knew this had something to do with heritage and after some research I knew that they indicated to me that Polynasia, Hawaii and such is also part of their seedings. This just confirms the fact that Sirians are hugely responsible for most of the island and coastal tribes we’ve come to know and love. That island vibe you get, that is a Sirius trademark!

Sierra, my Sirian soul-extension

By November of 2019 I got to meet my soul-extension, Sierra. By now I have often seen the Sirians and they are like one big happy-clappy crowd. Their colors are mostly bluish/silver/white and green. As I’ve indicated in my Blue Ray articles, I know I have a strong connection with them and slowly but surely more detail got revealed. Like the fact that I am a Blue Ray Healer and Guide and therefor am more involved through many more lifetimes that I ever realized.

I always saw a girl with them but never got much more on her until November 2019. At first she gave me the impression of how she looks and what her name is. She has long dark braded har and look like a hippy healer or beach bum for lack of a better term. She was tanned with blue/gold eyes, sparkly. She wore a bohemian headband and sat very peacefully by a fire on the beach.

She told me how they do healing everywhere as it is needed. With plants, with animals and also with me in this sacred aqua oasis I find myself in. She confirms how they can shape shift when entering the water to become liquid-like, just like the boys said.

She confirmed how Blue Ray Healers and Water work very well together. Water holds memories and energetics and is therefore an extremely powerful healing force and source.

Facing my fear on Sirius B

Mid-December 2019 I visited Sirius B again. I always get the look and feel of a Caribbean Island (this is a hint ito their seeding and lineage on earth by the way) or a Hawaiian-like beach with palm trees and turquoise beaches.

My visit started on a similar looking beach with my soul-extension, Sierra, accompanying me. I dove into the most spectacular and crystal clear ocean. I swam deeper and deeper. It may sound strange but as usual I can breath and communicate under water. I always prefer to establish in what form I am (physical or a light body) which usually connects me to the message. At this moment I feel and look as I did in my incarnation in Lemuria, a young girl called Serf (pronounced Surf).

There is a rather large, serious and morose shark (more black and grey than the great white I so fear) and he said to me: “I’m sorry”.

I proceed to reply and say to him: “Hey! You are communicating with me…. there must be a consciousness.”

It’s actually more telepathic than actual lips moving, in case you just pictured a cartoon shark talking. This is just an instant knowing of a thought and he makes me understand that he will be in contact again in the future. That this is just another phase and gateway being activated for me. You see, as Serf, I was diving for pearls while wearing a golden one piece swimming costume. The flash of light reflecting from it under the water drew him curiously closer. The pearls I were diving for were either used for medicine or jewelery. My life in Lemuria was probably the most perfect one I had as I was surrounded by my family, a partner, a baby, a trade yet I had to die somehow. This was a natural death in the circle of Life or the food chain, whichever way you look at it. I was totally blindsided, caught unaware and it cost me my life.

Sharks have been an enormous fear of mine and since meeting with this Sirian shark I could connect many dots in my own life. Like always being acutely aware of my surroundings, being in control, being safe. In this Lemurian lifetime I was still so very young and had a baby of about 4 years old. My partner had to raise her alone into a strong, intelligent and balanced young woman who could take over my craft.

The Sirius shark gently faded out as he made me understand that I will now actually come to love and respect this species more. That I will learn more about them and even swim with them! That we will connect again….

They have since been keeping a rather low profile until the 2020 Lion’s Gate Portal opened. For further reading as to all the events that involved the Sirians, the Blue Rays etc, please check out the recent articles called:

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Once contact resumes and further info is obtained, you’ll be the first to know!



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