Self-help Notes: How to meet a Guide

(James Von Praag method)

James Von Praag is a very well-known and experienced psychic medium with many followers of his teachings and work. As with many other esoteric celebs, you either like him or you don’t. As previously mentioned, I will explore and try everything once and if I find it easy to work with or that it resonates, I shall gladly refer a person or a service. With this method I had success and thought it brought quite a quick connection with little fuss. Give it a try yourself!

Turn on some soft background music and find a comfortable seat Make yourself as comfortable as needed, preferably in a recliner and not flat on your back Start breathing in through your nose. Hold the breath for 7 counts…..and breath out slowly through your mouth Become calm

Become centred

Let go of the day’s negativity or any other block you feel is currently preventing you from focussing on the now In your mind’s eye, see yourself as a Being of Light

See yourself glowing and how the light extends to the outside of your body You are just pure light…..

What color are you?…..

What emotion or feeling are you getting?….

Now call to a Guide:

Dearest Guide, come closer please. Show yourself to me. Let me see your colour, feel your energy and emotion. Show me or let me feel your area of guidance…..”

Observe all the visuals, feelings or sensations that come through Conclude by saying:

Thank you for letting me know you. Thank you for helping and guiding me.”

Return to your body, the present, here and now. Get centred. Picture your arms, legs, body and open your eyes.

This is a short and sweet way to connect quickly and you can implement this as a base from where you can expand and deepen the connection as it suits you. Keep a notebook handy and jot down the things you remember. Soon you’ll get to see the complete picture of the Guides assisting you in things you couldn’t even imagine possible.