The Elixir

22 February 2020

elixir of life by AnekaShu on DeviantArt

This night I was shown the same Elixir that Corey Goode must have referred to when he met with the Anshar.

I saw Inner Earth beings as well as other beings on other planets making use of such an elixir made from plants and planetary minerals.

I see for example the Pleiadians smoking/inhaling this via a vapor like one would in a hubbly bubbly or hooka, but with more refined and fancy implements. They are silver, white, modern and perhaps used at “classy parties” us humans would say but this is used as a form of higher consciousness connection for them. An enlightened party?

They would take a plant with natural psychedelic attributes like vines and leaves of the Ayahuasca, Psilocybin mushrooms, Cannabis, Lotus, Poppy etc. The plant material would then be plasma charged (infused) by using planetary minerals like obsidian, lava rock, charcoal etc.

What decalcifies your pineal gland? CHARCOAL!

Imagine a moonshine distillery except that only natural materials are being used. Plants absorb the mineral which infuses a large part of liquid. This is a concentrated version of the Elixir. It is then diluted by more liquid and placed in individual vials. Ready to use.


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