Ban Hua Thai (Meeting Ivaya)

December 2017

Ban Hua Thai or Psilocybe samuiensis is a psychedelic mushroom, which has psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds. It was placed in the Section Mexicanae of genus Psilocybe by Gastón Guzmán due to its rhomboid-shaped spores. It has been found in Koh Samui, a small tropical island in Thailand, where some psychoactive species are consumed by both natives and tourists. To this day you will see the “special milkshakes” and such being advertised in Thailand and surrounding islands.

To me she is just an amazing and super gentle Plant Spirit, loving and highly intelligent. There is definitely a soft and gentle nurturing energy around her that can also be found with Golden Teacher and all other Divine Feminine Energies you may tap into. When you enter into a sacred ceremony with one of these revered plants, you must know a deep and meaningful experience is about to follow.

So it came about that I had the rare privilege to see out the year with this gentle teacher. It was probably exactly what I needed to summarise and process a super busy year. She brought many things to my attention, either to process, to understand or to investigate. Often the plant spirits give me information on a place, a tribe, a region or a topic which I know absolutely zero about and I am forced to go and research further on the internet. This is like being given homework but once you’ve obtained the matching facts, it truly is amazing to receive validation from the current world we live in. On this particular night it was to be one of those “homework” journeys and the information downloaded came through as follow:


My musical playlist ended and Spirit asked me how could I dedicate a whole chapter in another book I was busy writing at the time to the importance of music during ceremonies and journeys but not to silence? With the silence now hanging audibly I could feel the vibration of the fan. This made me realise that silence made ancient man more in touch with his surroundings. Vibrations and sounds would alert you of nearing danger or give you a sense of how energy near him had changed and to act accordingly in terms of survival. Noise and whatever it is made up of, is in essence just a distraction from our innate senses and should be implemented more often from a conscious level. Make time to become quiet, meditate or just be…. Keep your “sensing muscles” in shape, so to speak!


It is often customary to take a small bit of dark chocolate after ingesting psilocybin and all I had around the house was a packet of iCacao I bought from a trusted local supplier.

The plant spirit of Ixcacao, also a Divine Feminine energy, called me a journalist and a record keeper. I am to go and read up on the History of Journalism.

Research Results

Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on events. Types found are:


A purge happens very quickly and often comes out of the blue. As fast as it comes, it is gone and brings swift relief afterwards. This is Spirit’s way of basically bursting in, grabbing a troublemaker and chucking him out so that one can start attending to business at hand.

This evening was to be one of those for me and a quick purge took me by surprise. I dashed off to the lavatory and as I am purging Ms BHT told me in a short and sweet statement: “Good, let’s just quickly get rid of the last bit of Ego attached which is causing you all this anger, irritation and anxiety of late. Take note, and be sure to tell hubby this too, extra medicine also gets purged because your Ego is the one that convinced you that you need more than you actually did. This is absolutely not true because, if I am going to help and teach you, I am going to do it regardless of the quantity. More does not make a difference!”

After this swift purge, I laid back down and my guides congratulated me on how far I have come. They made me feel a sense of achievement by letting me feel their love and “congratulations”, satisfaction as they revealed to me that I am a Mother, Nurturer and Caregiver in the highest form: I AM LOVE, ULTIMATE LOVE

I love without conditions, especially because I do not love due to human attachment like a mother and her child would have because of their natural bond. I have managed to deeply and sincerely love, take care of people and animals because I do so automatically. This is a harmonious frequency I have achieved with my Higher Self.

Lakota People

As previously stated, I have had a guide that came through to me a couple of years ago and all I could identify is that she is Native American. Fortunately I have learned to be patient with visions and don’t always push for more info, knowing that Spirit does not work in a linear fashion and that the dots will connect when the time is right.

Tonight, again, I was told how the Lakota were a fiercely proud nation, structured, disciplined and unified as a morally strong and knowledgeable tribe. I was given homework (again!). I was to go and read up more about them.

Research Results

The Lakota people or the people of Standing Rock are one of the first original Native American tribes who inhabited the North Americas before the arrival of Europeans. Often referred to as the Great Sioux Nation, these people can be divided into three distinct groups based on the language and geography; Dakota (Santee, Eastern Dakota), Lakota (Teton, Western Dakota) and Nakota (Yankton, Central Dakota). “Dakota” and “Lakota” means “friends” or “allies”.

By the end of 16th century these tribes were living in the upper Mississippi river region (present day Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and the Dakotas).

Meeting Ivaya

The moment of truth became a major surprise: I was shown that I AM Ivaya.

This guide that has been an enigma and a mystery to me for the last 2 years was a Lakota elder that grew up in a *Chief’s family, became a knowledgeable healer, female shaman and matriarch of her tribe. She (me!) is guiding me in this lifetime at present and her personality is extremely strong. She is confident in herself and her knowledge. She is a straight shooter and is manifesting through me and my personality. Is it possible to possess yourself I asked? No! Spirit proceeds to explain parallel lives, reincarnation templates, the various personality traits and how my earthly requirements are in this template for each incarnation, but more on this later.

I start communicating to Ivaya directly. (When I describe “communicating” it mostly means I receive understanding in a telepathic or psychic fashion. I am able to ask questions and receive instant answers. I am able to control the conversation by coming back to certain topics despite the guide’s narrative continuing unless you stop them. This is what normally happens. They would just continue with their narrative unless I ask a question etc. The following information was received in just such a way. Ivaya did the talking and I would ask questions when needed. This is what she said:

Ivaya is angry that her tribes and most descendants ended up in reservations. Mostly because of alcohol (surprise, this is a genuine pet peeve of mine!). Her tribe “died” according to her. This, despite the fact that their values are still there and therefor they must be kept alive. Through me, as a younger but more modern generation, incorporating this in today’s world. I am still unsure how to proceed with this task but time will tell. She has major issues with alcohol (except in its healing capacity) and this also surfaces in my life. The automatic reaction is that you are “losing your brain cells” by acting stupid, irresponsible, silly etc. I try to tell her times have changed and perhaps being socially responsible is ok. That she must not automatically shoot it down. I get a flash image of my present maternal grandmother being Ivaya’s sister and as close as twins can be. My mother herself was also a part of this tribe but was a troubled soul and younger than me. Ironically my mother was again a troubled soul in this earthly incarnation and so is my sister. It would seem my mother realised that my sister was conceived in a negative moment and negative energy was absorbed in that soul’s incarnation here. My sister’s soul was therefor also troubled but due to the cosmic mysteries. “They” are working on it. She is unable to help herself in terms of the dark negativity, unlike me. They all knew I was capable of coping here due to Ivaya’s influence and will do ok.

*Chief is a Native American tribal chief that often adds bits of useful and extra information at random

It became apparent that there was an Attorney General called Connor and he played a big roll in the Lakota ending up in the reservations. Ironically he has been assisting me in this lifetime as far as my current career in the Legal field is concerned and it is noteworthy to say this relates to Cosmic Karma for him in Ivaya’s life by helping me at work now. He is trying to right the wrongs against the Lakota people by being a Guide to those who need him and his expertise. How grand is that?! I was left with the impression that I am to learn much more about Ivaya and her tribal history and ways, and all in good time.

Praying Mantis

In conclusion I was left with the image of a mantis. The mantis comes to us when we need peace, quiet and calm in our lives.

Usually the mantis makes an appearance when we’ve flooded our lives with so much business, activity, or chaos that we can no longer hear thestill, small voice within us because of the external din we’ve created.

After observing this creature for any length of time you can see why the symbolism of the praying mantis deals with stillness and patience. The mantis takes her time and lives her life at her own silent pace.

  • Calm
  • Balance
  • Patience
  • Intuition
  • Stillness
  • Awareness
  • Creativity
  • Mindfulness

It is therefor just fitting that the mantis has to show himself to me, given the conditions I experienced before entering this journey. I take heed and listen to every message, even the subtle symbolic ones like a mantis.


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