Astral Projection Meditation

14 August 2018

I’ve often described myself as a cosmic explorer of all things 3D to 5D and beyond. I have never judged others that live by the motto of “try everything at least once” as I have often found myself curious about various activities yet never exceeding the limits of my personal moral compass.

Astral projection is probably something that could take years to perfect and doing a guided astral projection meditation by one of my favourite meditation and hypnosis experts, ***Michael Sealy, to find out my Soul name would both fall in this category. To this day I am not convinced that we only have one Soul name as we are in fact very much multidimensional. Nonetheless, be this a meditation created with the entertainment factor in mind, I decided to “try everything at least once” and proceeded to take a time out to investigate this so-called Soul Name of mine.

I always start off any activity with protection. Be it when I open my eyes in the morning or the last thing I do at night before entering dream time. As a lightworker you are a fantastic source of energy and any eventuality can drain it from you. I also do this intentionally before entering crowded places, doing a sacred ceremony, reading or meditation. This secures a sacred and safe space so only positive, high, vibrational and benevolent contact may be made, securing me or whomever is with me.

This meditation was no different and I entered into this guided meditation by grounding my pillar firmly between Gaia and Source, specifically requesting the protection and guidance of my number one bouncer, Archangel Michael as well as St. Germain. They both provide guidance, protection and courage and often work as a team.

I started off on the secured grounds of my magical home which looked very much like a castle. On the outer edge there is a magical fairy-like forest with long, wooden, festive-looking tables, the forest formed the canopy and is strung with fairy lights. I walk further along this path to the next open area where I find a sacred circle, a fire pit and seating all around. I walk further on this forest path to another circular area where I find an area where one can sit down to chill on scattered seating. Very zen. I walk on and cross a small wooden bridge with flowing mountain stream water. The path is like a forest trail with high trees making a protective tunnel and canopy. It is a winding path which starts to spiral and I keep on walking and walking and walking, and the spiral is starts turning like a slow-moving motorised drum. As I walk I see I am moving along as if upside down at times yet I am safely grounded inside this spiral tube. Suddenly the canopy disappears and it all becomes a starry sky. The forest has become the Universe. I am light, floating, swirling and I sense myself as a dragon twirling in happy flight. I look back down at Emotions. I can see a similarity in being a fiercely protective but loving dragon. They may have tough exteriors but have protective inner beings filled with love. Dragons are scary and harsh to some, meaning they won’t approach it at all. They fear its presence, its convictions and strength, its assertiveness. Those that do dare approach meet the gentlest soul inside and get to see and hear ancient wisdom and knowledge. It makes them feel safe and glad to be on this one’s good side. They are one of the best warriors to have in your team.

I go further and leave the image of the physical behind. I become pure light, surrounded by a white mist. I see an orange and red glow appear. I move closer to it and closer up it turns to other colours – red, ocean blue, foresty green. A Hall of Records with shelves made of glass appear out of this mist. A guardian appears to me and I “recognize” the old grey haired and bearded man with the softest, bluest, kindest eyes. I hear “Record Keeper”. Enoch He hands me a small old book. It is called “My Book of Life”. It is small but I can pull the ends and it expands to a bigger book. It holds flimsy pages (think rice paper) diligently recorded by Enoch. He says that this book is mine, to look at freely for there are no secrets. I lived these lives and experienced everything recorded after all and that he merely records it.

I am guided to ask him: “What is my Soul’s Name?” in a previous meditation I received a prominent “S” and the word Seraphim came through. For a moment I panic and wonder “What if I don’t hear or see anything?!”

Again I get the “S” followed by a clear: Shellifanté. Indeed a very strange name which is not even to be found on Google and as I’ve learned through the years – Let it rest. The specifics will come through when the time is right. I close off with my consciousness being guided back safely to my body in the here and now.