How to go from Sen-Soar-Ship to Zen-sorship

How to go from Sen-Soar-Ship to Zen-sorship


n. A finite set of unambiguous instructions that, given some set of initial conditions, can be performed in a prescribed sequence to achieve a certain goal and that has a recognizable set of end conditions. (The Free Dictionary)

Let’s be honest, when this social media platform works in a way that suits you as an individual, your needs as a professional person and your mission, it is the perfect place to achieve your goals!

Why else are you still on here?

Frankly, I have been involved on this social media platform for the better half of 10 years now and have also taken the odd sabbatical from it. It is indeed a necessity to take the odd break to remind yourself that there is a whole world in the here and now happening all around you, not just on the social platforms. See it as a moment of stock-take, to see where you are in terms of your belief systems, who’s realities you have incorporated into your own, what fears are totally absurd unless you follow them on social media trends.

Attention all Lightworkers

This is a serious and formal call on all Lightworkers around the Globe to be aware of a few things regarding the heavy sen-soar-ship we have all been subjected to. We have seen how extremely powerful we are when it comes to changing the narrative in the media, how we now ARE the media. We truly are the change we wish to see in the world and the same goes for these platforms and our “silenced voices”.

The first thing you have to remember is that Bots and Algorithms are as common as all the trolls, shills and fake accounts all over the Internet. The very moment you open a social media account, let’s say effbee, it immediately starts “building a profile” based on what you do. They store your likes of pictures and people, your comments, your voice, your group activities etc. You get placed in a box (filter) and grouped. It trickles down to a point where they want you to be where you see what they want you to see, or not be seen by whomever.

In the last few years Mr Sugar Mountain has come in the line of fire due to all the sneaky little standards that have been implemented and they have since made quite a few changes. The big secret is that, according to certain laws they are now “above board” but lo’ and behold….they just don’t inform their users of it! They also know that you are not even aware of any updates or changes made, nor would you make the effort to go and check and that suits them perfectly. Remember when Mr Sugar Mountain was questioned by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) South Caroline regarding the Terms of Service of this specific platform? Well, Mr Sugar Mountain had to admit that “No, the average consumer probably did not read this thick pad of Terms and Conditions before they could say hello to his old school buddy across the pond”

Enter the Filter Police….

No wait, they haven’t exactly entered, you just haven’t bothered to check your settings on this recently, have you? What could be a magnificent platform for any Lightworker, Truth Seeker, Blogger, Free Speech Activist, Earth Lover, Agenda-free Group, is still exactly how the fat cats want it to be. They are still in control of the narrative while those they choke complain bitterly about the sen-soar-ship, filtering, fact checking and often “jail time”. You complain, they use the choke-chain, you shut up or move along to another platform. They win either way and you lose a great platform where you can network with like-minded individuals, share your wisdom and truths, earn a living from your God-given talents by networking in your communities etc.

These fat cats are everywhere and by now we know which apps and platforms they crawl on to filter your honest and truthful voice. Do yourself a favor after reading this though and check this 8 min clip of how deep the deceit goes….

Go from Sen-Soar-Ship to Zencorship

After my return to this platform a month ago, I have observed this from many angles. I have noticed how many of us are targeted with obscene amounts of friend requests (500 – 1000+ in a view days), how other brilliant voices have been subjected to shadow banning, reduction in followers, hidden posts etc.

Upon closer inspection I found:

  • “Friends” have no profile pictures, repetitive names, no names or obscene profile pictures (How does this get past the fat cats I dare ask)
  • When checking out the “Friends”, many are employed by “The effbee application”
  • “Friends” target your friend list in order to build more algorithms, bots, filters. If your friend list is available for all to see, change it immediately so only you can see who your friends are. High profile groups and public figures are bigger targets as they tend to accept all requests for the sake of the business (nice catch 22 that one hey?)
  • Your personal account Settings have many more hidden options! Do yourself a favor and go to your account settings (Privacy Checkup) and very carefully work through each and every option.
  • Irritating ads? Check your Ad Preferences settings – yes you can actually turn it off!
  • Never see any posts from those you automatically wish to see? You have the option to prioritize who to see first in News Feed Preferences, unfollow the negative ones etc.
  • Personally I would suggest you messenger me with a motivation as to why you think we may “vibe” and based on that, mutual friends and my good old trustworthy intuition, I shall ensure that the fakes don’t get a foot in the door! Sound like a plan?…

It will be so worth your while to spend an hour or so (depending on the size of your profile) in order to continue on this platform. If we could get it right to become the main stream media in just a couple of years, how the heck can we not be in control of free speech and practice our Sovereign right to interact with other like-minded individuals?

It is time to turn this negative narrative into a positive for the sake of all of humanity. We cannot go down without at least trying to do everything possible from our side to ensure our voices can be heard.

We are starseeds, we are lightworkers, we are the community leaders and teachers, we are the voices of tomorrow. We dare not be silenced yet we shall dare to encourage all others like us to step out of the victim mentality and step into their power!

Now then, find the Zen master within yourself and lets turn this negative into a positive!

Yes, they will obviously continue to try and implement new ways to shut us up, to choke and control us but they will know pretty soon that we too have geniuses in our communities, engineers, IT masters and creative visionaries. But it starts with you….

Tell me again who’s in control? Are you going to continue being a victim here? Are you going to continue brag/complain every time you get “jail time”? Are you going to continue wasting your very valuable time and energy on writing blogs, posts etc on how unfair and delusional they are?

No, because action speaks louder than words and you are a Zen master within your own right. Don’t believe me? Have a quick look at this then.

I will personally not be silenced and trust you are with me. If you need assistance or moral support, please ask your mentors, groups and communities. Let’s make this a collective effort to have the Light defeat the Dark on another level, one battle at a time.

Onwards and upwards to Project Zensorship!

In love & light,

Zee ♥



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