Past Life Regression (Getting to know Ivaya)

December 2017

I can only speak for myself when I say that, whenever I attempt a past life regression session, the best intention to have is no intention. I wait to see what visions come through and go with it. This is the most trustworthy way for me to go in to such a session as I know that it is not my Ego or imagination making things up by enforcing a specific timeline.

I take it Ivaya’s energy was still very present given the previous journey with Ms BHT and I was fortunate to enter into a *guided past life regression with this strong energy guiding us down a Native American path once again. I intentionally choose a guided session when I know my monkey mind is too active and I need someone to keep my thoughts in line and on track.

I followed a path to the top of a hill where I spotted a temple in a Japanese style. I enter the temple and sense that I was expected. I walk down a long corridor with many, many doors. Each door has a different style indicating the time or era it leads to i.e. Egyptian square stone-like door, an Igloo’s icy entrance, a Moroccan wooden square hinged door, Native American style, French doors, Petra stone door, open doorways leading to deserts, Grecian style doors, white, modern and futuristic sliding doors etc.

I stand still and observe how doors in front of me shift between Native American and Egyptian. Surely this means I could go inside and experience either lifetime. All I have to do is choose.

I enter the Native American door…..


I enter a huge sweat lodge styled round space of about 8 to 10 meters in diameter. In the centre there is a large fire pit with woven mats and skins surrounding it. There are two circles of seats surrounding the fire pit and I sense that the inner circle is for the VIP’S. This refers to the closest relatives or highest-ranking individuals, the patients or visitors, depending on the type of get together. When the tribe gathered there, the family would sit on the inner circle seats and the rest like the other tribal healers, hunters, gatherers, warriors etc would use the outer circle and skins spread out randomly across the leftover space. Ivaya has her own seat right by the fire. This big teepee is my grandmother’s, better known as “Ivaya’s quarters”. This is where she sleeps, where she heals, where the family enjoy their meals etc. This is her home and also her office so to speak. Although all sides can be opened, there are two main entrances ensuring fresh air while the centre of the ceiling can open to watch stars, let negative energy out or just extract smoke and smells during cooking or ceremony.

I see myself at about age 16 or 18. My name is Ziya and my nickname is Ya-Ya). I am the eldest granddaughter and see myself in ceremony while being initiated by my grandmother Ivaya. This is so the lineage, as well as her role in the tribe, can continue within our tribe once she has passed on. I am to follow in her footsteps and to learn all from her in order to continue her work from that day forward.


I am wearing a calf-length skirt made of brownish animal skin. There is a long slit in the side which is tied closed with zigzag laced strips of leather and colorful beads. I have a halter neck top on, made with the same leather. I am wearing a beaded necklace and have long, healthy dark brown hair. I am dark skinned, built very athletically and am wearing leather sandals with a thin sole and leather straps holding the panels together.

I am made aware of how we eat very healthy and nutritious meals which include meat stew. Unfortunately there is no bread and I adore bread. This was a treat to me and, unless traders came past and gave us stock, we usually did not have bread. With trader’s stock however, we could make our own.

I was about to explore the outside of this sacred space but was interrupted and unfortunately had to end my session. (It is absolute key that you attempt such a past life regression only when you know you will not be disturbed. As with astral travel, you can suffer spiritual trauma when your spirit is forcefully yanked back into your body unexpectedly. Please be cautious.)

In conclusion, I could connect certain dots or sense similarities between that life and my current incarnation. I absolutely love the following things as they make my soul sing:

  • Open plan spaces / Lots of personal space
  • My inner circles are also very sacred to me
  • Ceremony is always a very sacred process to me
  • All of Nature
  • Fire & warmth
  • Hearty meals
  • Fresh bread
  • Pleasant evenings watching stars
  • Clothing with variety and “touchable” like feathers, leather straps or pretty beads Being protective over innocents like children and animals Being sincerely grateful of the nourishment I take in, saying thank you to it and wishing it peace in the eventuality that it was processed in any inhumane way


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