Detox before a Ceremony

Cosmic Shaman, Spiritual Healer & Guide

Partaking in sacred Plant healing ceremonies is for those brave enough to venture inside and to face or heal the dark in them. Everything you put into your body effects how these plants work within you. Before AND after such a ceremony.

Everything put in, on, or around your body (especially food) must be considered in terms of how it harmonizes or clashes with these natural plant medicines and the work they are trying to do inside your body and energy field.

In order to maximize your healing and avoid any negative experiences experienced facilitators will follow and recommend a specific diet for their retreats.

You can think of this as creating a blank canvas within your system so the plants have as much space as possible to heal you without competition from other sources or interference from lower vibrational energies.

Another way to look at it, is that you need to be as clean as possible for the plant to work inside you to its greatest capacity. By eliminating certain things from your diet, what you’re doing is cleaning your body – physically and energetically – so that the plants can work and heal you to their fullest.

Click here for a Detox Diet (with thanks to Nathan Raaths & The Madhatters Community