Akashic Records (Q & A #3)


  • Who are my guides?
  • Who were they?
  • May I meet them now?
  • Who are the guides to be revealed to me in the future?


This session was more difficult to get into. Perhaps I was not as calm and relaxed as I should have been. I tried keeping meditation music running in the background but perhaps this caused the interference. I focus, function and “zone in” better in silence. I did not pick up much detail about the past guides nor was I shown a specific guide for the future.

I was informed though that I will soon have a cat and that this feline will in fact be a guardian and a guide to me, in physical form. I have never owned a cat and I only know about loving and caring for my dogs endlessly. I don’t know the first thing about raising or looking after a cat but I could actually feel this cat being in tune with me and my senses. It will have a calming and healing effect on me just by being near me, making me hear and feel the calm purring she (!) will do. Perhaps this is what is needed for starters. A cat to calm the here and now physical existence. The spiritual guides will continue to be there and appear clearer when the time is right for me to meet with them and work closer together. I don’t know when this cat will appear, how or by which way I will obtain her, but I apparently will know when the time is right.


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