Meet Team Zee!

Being born a Sensitive (with many more abilities and gifts following into expansion during my life) this has indeed been a massive journey to self-discovery and understanding of humanity and one’s Self like no other. Only in recent years have I started making notes and summaries of very notable “sessions” or “downloads”. When I look back upon them now, I find that I have often forgotten very interesting details or that they even assisted me in putting a puzzle together at a later stage! Once a download is done it is stored permanently in this human consciousness. I cannot UN-KNOW it. Neither can I really forget it but being human and officially menopausal, I suppose I have a legitimate excuse for having brain fog every now and again. English is not my first language but, by transcribing and publishing my sessions in a Universal Language, I hope that somehow, it may also assist you in your own journey to self-discovery, awakening, and enlightenment. Perhaps somewhere you’ll resonate with the same information which may bring you some much-needed validation. We are human after all and feeling validated in this day and age of astronomical shifts and mental chaos on this beautiful globe we call home is indeed like getting a helping hand from the Divine. I too crave validation and extend an open invitation for you to please comment on your thoughts and experiences upon completion of reading one of my articles or watching a video.

To quote a very impressive youngster I recently discovered, Matías De Stefano:

It’s important that every human being understands a dimension for we live in another dimension. We are not just in one dimension (we believe we live in the 3rd Dimension) but we live in every one of them! Dimensions are not just a place that you go when your Consciousness is aware of them, it’s a perspective you have of reality. Reality is just one Dimension, one Truth, but that Truth has many ways to be seen. So many beings can see that Truth, meaning we can have more perspectives to improve that Truth. That’s why we have at least 9 Dimensions that are the basis of our reality. We are now just barely able to see and feel the 3rd Dimension. So, when I try to explain where we come from, who I am or what the Truth and history is of this planet and humanity, I will not explain the WHOLE Truth. I will not explain the ONLY Truth. I am telling the part of the Truth that I have seen!”

Matías De Stefano

Being a Cosmic Shaman

Becoming a Cosmic Shaman was just another natural step in my life long journey and evolution as a healer, medium and intuitive.

Cosmic Shamans are born into their roles and only through various incarnations across all time, space, dimensions and timelines do they eventually qualify to work in the Shamanic Realm.

The Shamanic Realm is well-known across the Universes. All sentient beings are aware of them and allow these Shamans free and safe passage as they are neutral in the work they do. They are seen as the healers and magicians of the Universes because of the tools collected from specific experiences through various lifetimes.

Cosmic Shamans work with all beings, species, and realms – be it a planetary underworld or across the Multiverses. They work on all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, quantum, and metaphysical levels. Having faith in their Shaman’s level of ability and skill is therefore key for everyday humans. Without understanding this it can bring about much judgment and insecurity from the human side but any Shaman, worth his or her salt, is aware of the level of consciousness which bring about such actions and will truly be beyond being offended by it.

I choose to align myself with pure benevolence, love, and light in my daily work as a healer, medicine woman, spiritual guide, writer, and valued member of the community. Make no mistake, dynamite comes in small packages and when I move into my stealthy Warrior mode, you will be grateful to have me and my team fighting on your side, even if I have to say so myself! 

Team Zee!

It is important to note then that I did not pick them to be on my team – THEY PICKED ME!

It is best explained to say my guides came through to me fast and furiously and soon I felt the need to make them a team. Over many years they have slowly introduced themselves to me and featured more and more during my sessions of connections. As time went by, they became clearer to me and gave me more insight into them and what they are all about. Over time I have had the privilege to meet them individually and have deep, meaningful conversations. To me, this is as normal as it would be for you to say hello to your neighbor as you walk past them. Years would go by with one being vaguely present in the group but for some mysterious reason, I would not get more detail about them. Until one fine day, I would have a full-on one-on-one and all is revealed! They do exactly what (and when) it’s needed. Do not become despondent if you have been unable to make a great connection yet – that time will come. Patience is key. Together with the acceptance and understanding that WE are the linear beings always trying to force time and events, not them. They do not adhere to our schedules, wants, or needs per se, but to the cosmic vibration, we put out. When they “receive the call” that we are ready to proceed to the next level of consciousness, they shall appear.

Mine has become my most trusted support team and is forever growing and expanding it seems. I get to meet many emissaries from other star systems, but my Team Zee is ever-present. I love, honor, and thank them daily for their love, teaching, healing, guidance, and protection. They are pure benevolence, love, light, truth, and sacred ancient wisdom. You will now meet them along the way as I make reference to them and get to understand what I mean. Individually they have shared their wisdom with me, and my Higher Self, and it brings me great pleasure to honor them by sharing their wisdom and teachings with you in this way. I reiterate I am merely a channel for Divine Life Force Energy, an instrument used to bring teachings of wisdom and love.


  • Zee (Me, the Human. Earth Seed. A multi-dimensional Channel for pure Divine Life Force Energy only by being of service to others as a Shamanic Healer, Medicine Woman, Awakener, Lightworker, and Living Guide); Higher Self, Innate Self, Ego & Alter Ego (including Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine);
  • Prime Creator;
  • Mother Earth (Gaia);
  • The Collective (My Soul Cluster);
  • Family of Light & Councils
  • Cosmic Family & Soul Extensions;
  • Earth Family;
  • Plant Spirits (Mother Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Soma, Cannabis);
  • Animal Spirits (Palo, Makuna, Nonna, Phoenix, Yuki);
  • Elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Sound, Color, Magnetics);
  • Benevolent Elementals (Various Groups);
  • Benevolent Ethereal Beings (Various Groups);
  • Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, St. Germain;
  • Ascended Masters (Sananda, Quan Yin, Lady Nada, Sanat Kumara etc);
  • (Isis, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Shiva, Sekhmet);
  • Ivaya (Lakota Elder, Ancestor, Lyra/Vega);
  • Mamma Mieu (Lemurian / Hawaiian Elder, Ancestor, Pleiades/Sirius)
  • Sergej (Psychologist from Collective Soul Cluster, Pleiadian guide);
  • Sabrina (Psychiatrist from Collective Soul Cluster, Pleiadian guide);
  • A’Khira (Pleiadian Soul Extension);
  • Sierra (Sirian Soul Extension);
  • Ava (Orion Soul Extension);
  • Prïvo (Peruvian Shaman, Ancestor);
  • John (Physicist from Collective Soul Cluster, guide);
  • Leonora (Spirit of Best friend from previous earthly incarnations);
  • Ancestors (earthly incarnations + cosmic influencers i.e. Lyrans/Pleiadians);
  • Tito (Vega that became Native American lineage);
  • Elviera (aka Vera, an Elven Guide), Erron (Elves from Agartha);
  • Mia Ma’at (Anshar)
  • Katharina (Lyran ancestor from 7th Dynasty)
  • Szirka (Lyran ancestor from 16th Dynasty)

Before the normies roll their eyes and/or possibly freak out, I fortunately also have….

3D Qualifications!

Jack-of-all-trades, master of noneJack of all trades ...

It has taken me 30 odd years on our beautiful Gaia to achieve these and I am proudly and fully certified with experience in:

  • Business Owner
  • Financial Administrator
  • Accounting Administrator
  • Restaurateur
  • Factory owner
  • Marketing Business Owner
  • Paralegal
  • Hypnotherapy (Jeremiah Rangel)
  • Medical Hypnosis (Radaykov Stephane)
  • Hypnosis Practice Business Systems (Wendie Webber)
  • Hypnosis – Advanced (Scott Jansen)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (Kain Ramsay)
  • Master Hypnotherapist Diploma (Karen E. Wells)
  • Advanced PLR Diploma (Karen E. Wells)
  • LBL Regression Diploma (Karen E. Wells)
  • Intro to Energy (Douglas James Butner)
  • Ayurveda (Neerja Ahuja)
  • Homeopathy (Ellen Bench)
  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy (Tina S.)
  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy (Mark Perren)
  • Herbal medicine (Elizabeth Heck)
  • Acupressure – Principles (Sonia Bruce)
  • Acupressure – Miracle Points (Annette Reilly)
  • Community Meditation Facilitator ( Peter Radcliffe)
  • Massage Business (Engelina Boers)
  • ESL For Massage Therapy
  • Complete Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Certification (Karen E. Wells)
  • Past Lives Diploma (Karen E. Wells)
  • Reiki I (Melissa Crowhurst)
  • Reiki II (Melissa Crowhurst)
  • Reiki Master (Melissa Crowhurst)
  • Remote Viewing (Prof Morgan Farrell)
  • Forensic Science (Dr. Adrienne Brundage)
  • Forensic Anthropology – Skeletal Analysis (Catherine Gaither)
  • Kahuna Massage Therapist
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Literary Writing Courses

This then, is MY truth, as given to me by my trusted Team. Beware, not every story is filled with yummy visuals and blissful emotions. Some are pretty dark, and shocking and probably border on the Disclosure factor the Dark Forces are trying to keep hidden from humanity. I suggest you take what resonates with you and run wild like the loving and sovereign being you are. Happy reading!

In Love & Light, always

Namasté ♥