Akashic Records (Q & A #5) Mayans & Dragons 

February 2018


Where have I been or what major influence happened to mould me into the person I am today? How can I use this to be of service?


I see many, many, many flashing images going past faster than the speed of light. Again I see the Mayan-like people and how I was once sacrificed. I was given a potion to drink which burns my stomach but I know this calmed the victims before sacrifice. I was thrown down a deep crevice or cliff and my back was broken. I understand how I volunteered as a soul to assist with this first “earth-like game of snakes & ladders”. It is like watching a re-cap of a previous journey I had, confirming how the Creators/Designers re-set the system as the ones the placed there didn’t “ignite” with life as they were supposed to. They basically had to have a spark of compassion or empathy (emotion) in order to connect to Creator Consciousness which would kick-start the evolution process. This reset happened many, many thousands of years before the likes of Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt etc.

I decide to move on to another lifetime rather as I do not want to repeat old journeys and receive repeats of the same info, although the recaps are good validation which secures the memories for me.

Flashes of windy deserts, nomadic, cool and lush temples with an Eden-like feel to it comes forward. Very Mediterranean. For a while it feels like nothing is going to appear or reveal itself until the guided voice says there is a temple with many steps leading to the entrance. I should start walking up and go inside. Inside you’ll find a room similar to a library. If you look up at all the books and see one glowing or drawing your attention, you should proceed toward it. If not, it means the Hall of Records have no answer for you at this time and you are to return to your body.

Inside the large hall I look upward and see spiralled levels going up. It looks old and mystical with wooden shelves and bannisters. Like Hogwarts! On the 3rd level up I notice a book with a glow that lights up the cubicle it is displayed in, separate from others. As I proceed upward toward the book I start getting images of mystical, fantasy adventure holographic beings coming out of the book, surrounding the large, leathery cover. It is moving like a short holographic video clip but in 4D. The most prominent image is the red, gold and white coloured dragon in flames.

I am told to take the book and have a seat. As I pick it up, I feel so much love and endearment towards this book and I cradle this huge old leather-covered book with both my arms gently yet protectively. Like I would my dog. I feel love, a sense of familiarity, companionship and a protectiveness as one would in respect for very old and true literature. There is a warmth and a sense of being comfortable coming from this book too! I sit down on a low 2-seater couch with a low table in front of me. The book opens to a spot close to the middle and I see (perhaps sense or download would be a better term) the following:







Chinese / Japanese

Geisha-like lady but NOT a Geisha (although perhaps in another life) Nordic

I was a royal. As a royal people automatically have to be nice to you but mostly they must acknowledge you. I was a good person and wanted people to like and acknowledge the real me. Not because I’m royalty! I’ve been in another royal family too (Ivaya’s) and with time it became an “expected given” that people must like and acknowledge you because of your title and heritage.

My lesson or answer to my question became clear then. Stop chasing the last bit of like or acknowledgement you desire from some people. Your aim was to be a normal and good soul without a title which would automatically bring you the likes and acknowledgements, albeit fake. You know this! You want sincerity! Being love, being light, being YOU is good and that is good enough!

But yes, with time it has now become part of my re-incarnation template but shall be modified as this soul has grown and evolved. I consciously choose to stop the karmic lesson herein. Going forward the new template will not have this. By being a workaholic, trying to be the perfect family member or friend, constantly studying and trying to achieve, excel and obtaining certified proof of my value in all that I do in this lifetime, I am merely repeating the same scenario over and over. I am enough and by consciously stopping the search for approval I know I can vibrate higher as a lightworker and subsequently help others find their own true joy within themselves. This is ultimately where it all starts. With us all, individually.

And so it is.

2020 NOTES: Through later sessions I met my Dragon called Yuki. She is still one of my fiercest and honorable guides and guardians! ~ Zee