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4 May 2020

I often get to meet with A’khirah (Akirah for quick earthly spelling) at our home on Erra. We tend to chat about a variety of things and she is a great source of information to me and usually blow my mind with all the amazing things she tells and show me.

On this evening we had hardly greeted when all of a sudden Aneeka appears, looking very much like a rock-chick! Punk. Gosia is with her. It would seem we are the two Earth incarnations with our Erra friends. The four of us have some sort of informal Star-Sister chat circle going on and I am told the Pleiadians made themselves known on Earth when the Punk scene hit the world.

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Upon further research I found that Punk rock (or simply punk) is a music genre that emerged in the mid 1970’s. Rooted in 1960’s garage rock, punk bands rejected the perceived excesses of mainstream 1970’s rock.

This clearly coincides with Barbara Marciniak who, in the 1970’s, became a student of the Seth Material and eventually emerged out of obscurity on 18 May 1988, when, what is described as a collective from the Pleiades, began to speak through her. The rest of course is history…

I am told how the older generations tend to be more Spiritual while the Newer Generations (like Aneeka and Swaruu) are Interstellar and also spiritual on their own internal level but not so much focused on it now as they are working and fighting with the Federation during this Shift on Earth. In a cosmic sense it is like we would see in 3D. Most are still very focused on their earthly mission (work, social life, responsibilities) while others prefer a more spiritual way of Being while doing those things. Old vs New generation.

Gosia mentioned how the Taygetans are not New Age, Love, Light etc etc. because she, like them, is focused on this mission. We must respect the different levels of commitment and not be demeaning toward other lightworkers and lightwarriors. Both are needed and are very effective in their specific field!

Random info: Swaruu suddenly chips in and describes my Erra saying that they also have different suburbs like cities, country side, industrial or vacation areas. These areas like ours but more smooth-flowing and futuristic looking of course. This matches with what I observed while visiting with the Neptune emissaries.

The underground tunnels

All of a sudden I have a flash image of men walking in a huge, wide, bricked underground tunnel which is filled with ankle/calf-height deep water. It is as if I am standing behind the men walking into this side chamber (with a dead end) and I see a waxy white looking young girl of about 8 years old staring up at me/us. She is wearing a tatty-looking white dress, barefoot and is standing in the back corner staring up at the men entering. A flashlight illuminates her and as they move inside, the surprised man gently and fatherly says “Hello, come here, you’re safe!” but the next moment she’s just gone! A ghost? She sure looked like it. They thought she slipped away from the light’s beam only to look around the whole chamber and finding it empty. Nothing and nobody there. Where could she go except to run past them to get out the round arched entrance they just stepped over? The men, most probably fire and rescue workers by the looks of the heavy suits and boots they wore, swept their lights around the chamber but found no trace of her.

I am told that my visions will become clearer and more frequent as of September 2020. The first four months is now for rest, inner healing, doing soul retrievals, nature visits, plant healing ceremonies, upgrade sessions etc. as it is very needed in order for me to be prepared, energetically.

Dreamtime with Gosia

My dreams have been driving me nuts at the best of times as I have experienced some weird and wacky events during my sleeping hours. They have been quite memorable, to say the least.

This night was no different and probably one that rattled me the most!

Somehow I dreamed of kissing Gosia in a very gentle and loving way. There are no feelings of being bisexual or such but merely one being loving another. Then I notice this long thin reptilian tongue in her mouth and I am severely rattled. I am then told not to worry, this is a Positive Reptilian. They (all starseeds) all fight together (without focus on spirituality) as I described above.

In a nutshell my mental self is telling me I am totally nuts and only imagining my chats with Aneeka and friends. I am torn and doubt in my visions and overall abilities set in.

But like Harry Stiles would say: “Stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times”……


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