Law of One (by Ra)

Law of One (by Ra)

The Law of One, also known as the The Ra Material, is a series of five philosophical monographs published between 1982 and 1998 by Schiffer Books.

 Who is Ra?

If you follow the links from my previous blog
(Blog- Earth has a cosmic address) you will find David Wilcock’s blog and Corey Goode’s interview referring to the revelation as to who Ra actually is. Check it out, it’s very revealing!

The Books

The books purportedly were authored by a non-human intelligence named Ra through the process of channeling, in which Don Elkins acted as the questioner, Jim McCarty as the scribe and Carla L. Rueckert as the channel for Ra. The 5 book series presents both commentary and full transcripts of the dialogue between the questioner and Ra, who is described as an entity composed of an entire civilization of extraterrestrial beings that are fused into one unified consciousness. We have since been informed by Corey Goode who Ra really was/is!

The Channeling

Carla L. Rueckert:  Channeler/Instrument

Don Elkins:  Questioner

Jim McCarty: Scribe & husband of Carla

Carla & Don initially partnered up and were the creators of a NPO called L/L Research.  The Law of One books were channeled by them between 1981 and 1984 and the 5 books can be purchased from L/L Research’s online store or freely downloaded from their extensive library. Carla passed away in 2015 at the age of 72 but they still post channelings through other mediums for free.

Understanding the Material

This is an ongoing process and I reckon many are still working through the sessions just like me. It is extremely interesting and I can fully understand people like David Wilcock stating that he would spend hours stuck on a phrase trying to fully decipher and understand the answer given by Ra. Some people prefer to do actual reading whenever they have a spare moment (Click here to download the Pdf books) but personally I find the YouTube sessions suit me much better as they auto-play in order. All 106 sessions have been loaded and you can start watching them by (Opening the playlist here) .

For those with (more patience but mostly) the desire to fully understand the breakdown of each session, check out the leg-work done by well-known Scott Mandelker as he explains every session in depth by going here
(Scott Mandelker – Session 1)

For in-depth understanding of their work or just further exploration of this massive undertaking the L/L Research organisation has taken to bring spiritual upliftment to humanity you can go and check out the organisation (Visit the L/L Research site) or follow my site’s “Cool Links” (Go to Cool Links here) .

If you’re in the mood for an easier to view look into the channeler Carla and the Material you can check out the two interviews done with Carla shortly before her passing by Denise Wilbanks. (View 1st interview with Carla Rueckert in 2013) (View 2nd interview with Carla Rueckert in 2014)

Whatever your opinion of the Law of One, the basic belief resonates with me and my belief is LOVE.

Everything is Love. Everything should be Love! All negativity can be removed by being Love. If you act, think, do or say everything from a space of Love, how can the result be negative? I found Ra stated the same and this brought me some comfort knowing that I might just be on the right path in this Cosmic Journey…..

Until I complete this study I am enjoying all the revelations of our Universe’s history at my own pace, from Genghis Khan still operating as a service-to-self 4th density being to how the Universe became to be. I hope you do too and the info in this article can set you on your way!

As always,

In Love, Light and Unity

Zee ♥



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