Crystals & Gemstones

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Crystals & Healing

This is a chapter that could possibly evolve into a book all by itself but as my intention is only to put you in touch with the basics of Cosmic Connections to be made, I will only summarise the core details.

For the life of me I don’t know exactly how my love affair with crystals and gemstones started. I do know however that, ever since I was a little girl, I was simply fascinated with archaeology, metal detecting, digging for treasures, admiring the pretty lines in rock faces, studying stones to observe their unique shapes and colors. I find the unique beauty in each and every one I see and perhaps, as I matured and I became a typical girl, the shinier the bigger the attraction was!

Be that as it may, fast forward 40 odd years and I now remember a lifetime in Lemuria where I was a healer working with crystals, gemstones and precious stones. As I evolved as a cosmic explorer it was only natural to also study Reiki and I became a Reiki (1, 2 and 3) Master under the tutelage of Melissa Crowhurst. Among the study material I received was a small book called “An introduction to the World of Healing Stones” and I think the following excerpt from it captures the essence of Crystals and Healing:

Each crystal has its own natural vibration and attributes, which can activate and promote both emotional and physical healing in oneself and others. It’s the vibratory signature we’re looking to harness to assist in healing; although it’s not often discernible, the crystal’s therapeutic vibrations are felt and used on an energetic level.

Although very helpful on their own, if coupled with other methods, crystals can become powerful healing tools. This is why energy healers – such as Reiki practitioners – like to place certain stones on (or near) their clients or within their healing rooms. Using the right crystals can assist to equilibrate the chakras and aura.

Lastly, since crystals come in all sizes, the smaller ones can be highly mobile; meaning they’re easy to carry or wear so their benefits can be felt all the time. And because they’re often visually beautiful too, they serve a dual purpose as both decoration and healing tool.

Crystals can assist in guiding the flow of energy to the individual, then to a certain part of the body to bring in balance and stimulate wellbeing. Ultimately, they assist in cleaning the individual from negative or damaging energy which is believed to induce illness. By driving out the bad energy, it can ease the physical ailment. Crystals can be utilized for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. “

We have seven main Chakras, with each one relating to a specific location, function and colour. It’s believed that each of us have Chakra ‘wheels’ at our main energy centres in our bodies, which ‘turn’ as the life force energy moves through us.

The benefit of placing a crystal on a chakra comes from the stone’s natural energy vibration. That vibration causes the slow or stuck Chakra ‘wheel’ to start moving again; therefore, allowing the healing Universal Life Force Energy to move more freely through the body.

ChakraAssociated Crystals
Root (or Base)Bloodstone, Snowflake Obsidian
SacralCarnelian, Topaz
Solar PlexusYellow Tiger’s Eye, Citrine
HeartRose Quartz, Serpentine
ThroatAmazonite, Blue Lace Agate
Third EyeSodalite, Amethyst
CrownClear Quartz, Chevron Amethyst
Root (or Base)TailbonePhysical needsRed
SacralLower abdomen, hip areaReproduction, sexuality, creativityOrange
Solar PlexusStomach areaPersonal and will powerYellow
HeartChest areaCompassion, love, relationshipsPink, Green
ThroatNeckCommunication, self expressionBlue
Third EyeMiddle of foreheadIntuition, wisdom, enlightenmentViolet
CrownTop of headSpirituality, divine guidanceWhite, Gold

I keep quite a few by my nightstand and feel very protective over them. I can only speak for myself when I say that cleansing them regularly (be it in saltwater, under the sun etc) and having them join you in a sacred space will only solidify the bond you have with them. Some stones have stronger vibrations than other and soon you will get to know which ones work well with you.

It’s important to note, that although highly effective, crystal healing should never replace your doctor, nutritionist, councillor, family or friends. Gain your knowledge from the professionals and experts first, then use crystal healing as an added benefit to your attempt at innate healing. For further reading be sure to also check out – you will find a wealth of excellent and detailed information!