Impersonating yourself?

Impersonating yourself?

Our beloved Facebook decided that apparently you may not “impersonate” yourself… The profile, page and group has been deactivated and I apologize for the temporary inconvenience. 

Many of us are still in the process of easing family or co-workers into our beliefs, lifestyle, religion or contributions toward Ascension and I’m no different.

I am a sovereign being busy exploring, contributing, awakening and sharing with others like me and firmly believe I am not violating any privacy or rights when I open another profile under my nickname to spread the word or to be of service to my community. Yes, I understand there are many idiots out there who are actually playing Silly Buggers but not me.

This makes me wonder if ol’ Facebook actually have any staff left or are they now also run by bots and AI? Hmmmm

Please bear with me and have faith they will be able to restore all as it was.

In love, light and unity




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