Akashic Records (Q & A #2)


Where do I fit into this system?

Was it my soul’s choice to join life here on Earth or was I created for a purpose by another species? What have I actually done through all these lifetimes and what is expected to be done?


I was not created by one specific species. My soul incarnated on Earth to experience “life”. It was a conscious decision and a choice was made to come in at the very beginning of Earth (Gaia’s) journey as a planet, for the sole purpose of being an observer and an explorer. A cosmic explore so to speak. Every age was lived in, in the body of somebody not famous, extreme or overly special. Yet every life taught me a huge amount which was observed, documented, stored. All of a sudden my passion for archaeology made sense. My love of old cities, old architecture, an era, a certain tribe, certain types of music, interest in plants, natural healing, animals and all nature’s beings, the list is endless.

All the dots connected. I am indeed a very old soul with an unbelievable amount of knowledge stored through thousands of years. I have lived through many ages, living normal and mundane existences yet the observing and collecting of knowledge was happening constantly, albeit subconsciously.

When it is my time to leave this physical world, I know I will go back to my soul cluster to be de-briefed so to speak. I will spend some “time” on vacation, downloading my knowledge and be reintegrated as spirit for a number of years. I will come back in a future time however, as a young man, dealing with much more advanced technology for a living. A totally different and more liberated world, approximately 70 year after my death on Earth.


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