New Earth, NWO & Mama Mieu

12 May 2020

More info on the New Earth

I see another (New) Earth pulling away from the current one. It is identical to the one we know now except for the following differences:

  1. The New Earth is bigger! It has expanded to accommodate more humans as well as Star Races now living in harmony with one another
  2. As the New Earth itself expands outwards to create a bigger sphere, everything looks identical to the current Earth. I ask why and how come?
  3. I am told the inner earth plates (which are currently overlapping) will expand outward and therefor create a bigger Inner Earth. This will subsequently reveal more Earth surface.
  4. The new exposed surface will be covered (filled in) by the current soil and water which will in turn reveal the hidden cities, rivers, monuments and pyramids currently buried underneath the current oceans and earth.
  5. This will be a gradual process over the next 200 years but humanity will know more in the near future already. The reveal is the proof of the shift in progress!

Difference between NWO and OWO (where does Trump fit in?)

The reader is to bear in mind that I am merely a channel for divine source and energy and that I always convey the info as I receive it. Nothing is added or removed to suit my personal views, if there are any. This is what was given to me in terms of what the NWO, OWO and DJT’s position is regarding these organisations.

I am shown a triangle on top of an oval. The triangle represents the New World Order and the oval shape is the One World Order.

I see/hear DJT associated with the NWO. My logical and conscious mind struggles to grasp how this can be but I am told its because of his Ego and narcissistic personality.

Order means there is a ranking or hierarchy. He would obviously want to be at the top as this is what fuels him in this lifetime. He comes from money and has been very successful in all businesses, further money making, negotiations, hiring and firing etc. To such an extent that you may ask yourself “What do you give a man that already has everything?” Thoughts of the old cartoon “Pinky & The Brain” comes to mind….

He has conquered the business world and knows all benevolent and malevolent partners playing the game with him. Next he becomes ruler of the USA. The power trip is growing. After the political game is won in the USA, the rest of the World awaits him and he is making sure (remember the narcissist!) that the whole world knows how the USA (meaning DJT) is the one saving the rest of the Globe.

The OWO basically just want all negatives and self-serving people and thier agendas to be on equal footing, meaning “I am in charge of Big Pharma” for example. They will have the monopoly in a sector to create the perfect system to keep humanity enslaved and under their control (Service to Self). Another would say “I alone am in charge of Banking, Animal & Human trafficking, Mining and Energy, etc). Collectively they form the One World Order in charge of everybody while benefiting themselves and their own kind. A grand network of Elites.

Shocking but true. At least I feel certain that DJT is the lesser of two evils and there are many (including the awakening humanity) to keep all leaders accountable.

For some reason these 2 systems need one another to work and it will still be a power struggle for many, many years.

I prefer to know the 2 Key Players, what their agendas are and to, where possible, stay absolutely neutral from a spiritual evolution point of view.

Where needed, I will embrace my duty and purpose as an Awakener, Starseed, Lightwarrior and Lightworker to be a system buster in these times. Humanity MUST know the facts, all the facts and be informed by people such as myself that they are being made to act like puppets and have been for thousands of years. If this means that it looks like I support something DJT did, then so be it.

The best way to describe Mama Mieu is to reference the picture of Moana’s grandmother! This is how she first came through to me, with silver white hair tied up in high rounded ball, locks hanging down over her back and shoulders with the gentlest, motherly vibe I could only associate with the likes of Gaia (Mother Earth), Sirri (Mother Sirius) and the Divine Feminine.

On this day she came through again and I was shown her connection to Earth from a cosmic level. I was told that she is the Keeper of Water (and light) in the Pleiades. She is very well-known there and I get the sense she is quite a big deal and very revered. She says Archangel Gabriel is her daughter and the Pleiades are her 7 daughters (?). I must add here that I have always seen AA Gabriel as a female working with silver white water energy in her healing practices. This therefore made sense to me.


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