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Welcome to the most exciting section of the whole site! By being a VIP Member of the Cosmic Lounge you have now secured yourself a solid and legit source to some powerful truths and insights.

By looking at the extensive Index below, it is important to note that NONE of these experiences are made up, imagined or fictional, nor are they shared with anyone outside of this platform.

PLEASE NOTE: You may happen upon a topic that has no content yet and I appreciate your patience as I get to upload them. Kindly remember I am a one-woman-show here and I am allocating my time and passion to this mission full time. If you come upon a page with no content, just drop a comment in the page’s comment section and I will upload it for you asap!

Thank you for showing interest in the journey of this multidimensional Being’s Earthly incarnation and memories of beyond. I guarantee you will find something you resonate with and wish to share with others. Please also feel free to send them an invitation to the Cosmic VIP Lounge


Being born a Sensitive (with many more abilities and gifts following into expansion during my life) this has indeed been a massive journey to self-discovery and understanding of humanity and one’s Self like no other. Only in recent years have I started making notes and summaries of very notable “sessions” or “downloads”. When I look back upon them now, I find that I have often forgotten very interesting details or that they even assisted me in putting a puzzle together at a later stage! Once a download is done it is stored permanently in this human consciousness. I cannot UN-KNOW it. Neither can I really forget it but being human and officially menopausal, I suppose I have a legitimate excuse for having brain fog every now and again. English is not my first language but, by transcribing and publishing my sessions in a Universal Language, my hope is that somehow, it may also assist you in your own journey to self-discovery, awakening and enlightenment. Perhaps somewhere you’ll resonate with the same information which may bring you some much needed validation. We are human after all and feeling validated in this day and age of astronomical shifts and mental chaos on this beautiful globe we call home is indeed like getting a helping hand from the Divine. I too crave validation and extend an open invitation for you to please comment your thoughts and experiences upon completion of reading one of my articles or watching a video.

To quote a very impressive youngster I recently discovered, Matías De Stefano:

It’s important that every human being understands a dimension for we live in another dimension. We are not just in one dimension (we believe we live in the 3rd Dimension) but we live in every one of them! Dimensions are not just a place that you go when your Consciousness is aware of them, it’s a perspective you have of reality. Reality is just one Dimension, one Truth, but that Truth has many ways to be seen. So many beings can see that Truth, meaning we can have more perspectives to improve that Truth. That’s why we have at least 9 Dimensions that are the basis of our reality. We are now just barely able to see and feel the 3rd Dimension. So, when I try to explain where we come from, who I am or what the Truth and history is of this planet and humanity, I will not explain the WHOLE Truth. I will not explain the ONLY Truth. I am telling the part of the Truth that I have seen!”

Mathias De Stefano

Where possible I try to list the *connections/downloads/sessions in date order they took place. This can be of assistance in not only tracking the evolution of my expanding consciousness over time or merely to notice synchronicities taking place during a specific time (i.e. Blood Moon) but to also cross check facts read elsewhere from other sources.

A session consists of a variety of facts streaming in but generally there is a main theme. I do not omit any facts or sketches as I believe all information is free to be shared and if you are meant to be encoded and upgraded with this information found while reading one theme, you shall surely find your way to other sessions and topics which will be color coded for convenience.

This then, is MY truth, as given to me by my trusted Team. Beware, not every story is filled with yummy visuals and blissful emotions. Some are pretty dark, shocking and probably borders on the Disclosure factor the Dark Forces are trying to keep hidden from humanity. I suggest you take what resonates with you and run wild like the loving and sovereign being you are. Happy reading!

In Love & Light, always


* connections/downloads/sessions are psychic visions comprised of colour, symbols, conversations, emotions. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience impressions are received


May-16Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca (Nice to meet you!)
Aug-16Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca (The day I died)
Nov-16Plant Medicine – Soma
GeneralAkashic Records (What is it?)
Dec-16Akashic Records (Q & A #1)
Jan-17Akashic Records (Q & A #2)
Jan-17Akashic Records (Q & A #3)
Dec-17Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca (a Private Ceremony)
Dec-17Plant Medicine – Ban Hua Thai (Meeting Ivaya)
Aug-18Akashic Records (Q & A #4)
Dec-18Full Moon Meditation
Dec-18Nature Reservation Meditation
Jan-19Past Life Regression
Dec-17Past Life Regression – Getting to know Ivaya 
Feb-18Akashic Records (Q & A #5) Mayans & Dragons 
Feb-18Bath Meditation – You are an Awakener! 
Aug-18Astral Projection Meditation 
GeneralSelf-help Notes: DNA Activation – Claim back your Key! 
June-18Full Moon Meditation – Time to Soar! 
GeneralSelf-help Notes: How to meet a Guide by JVP 
GeneralSelf-help Notes: Crystals & Healing 
Aug-18Akashic Records (Q & A #6) Elephants
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Introduction to the West Direction 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Creating Deep Transformation 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Creating Sacred Space (internal/external) 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Creating Healthy Boundaries 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – The Powerful transformation of Forgiveness 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Healing the Ancestors 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Going Deeper 
GeneralMedicine Wheel – Working with your Guides
Feb-19Super Snow Moon Meditation
Mar-19Meditation on 3.3.3 – Galactic History (Lemuria)
Dec-18Meeting Prïvo
GeneralMedicine Wheel
May-19Variety (Guides, Arcturians, Reincarnation)
June-19New Moon (Cosmic Family, Sekhmet, Past Lives)
June-19Lemuria/Inner Earth/Atlantis
July-19Meeting Alter Ego & Swaruu (Pleiadian)
May-19General – Where do I belong?
GeneralLyrans / Vegans / Lemuria / Atlantis
GeneralMore Earth info
GeneralTito – The Seeding that Lived!
GeneralMeditation -Full Moon in Pisces 13.9.19 (Meet the Andromedans)
Sep-19Past Life Regression – Greenland
GeneralStar Seeds
GeneralKarmic Board
Oct-19Musical messages
GeneralSelf-help Notes: Meditation Basics
Oct-19Soul Cluster Info
Oct-19Meet A’Kihrah (Pleiadian Soul Extension)
Oct-19The Wagon Wheel – Expansion 1 (Archetypes)
Oct-19Lives – Explained
Oct-19Akashic Record (White/Black Magic)
Oct-19Sirians & Frangipani’s
Nov-19Meet Ava (Orion Soul Extension)
Nov-19Energy Bodies
Nov-19Saturn & Nazis 
Nov-19Removal of 4D Implants Session
Nov-19Meet Sierra (Sirian Soul Extension)
Nov-19The Trinity (Mathias de Stefano)
Nov-19The Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Nov-19The Medicine Wheel – Expansion 2
Nov-19The Book of Enoch
Nov-19The Spiritual War – Justin Faull
Nov-19Why religion was created – Honour your inner Soul Shaman
Nov-19Why Source started creating (and how)
Nov-19Plant Medicines, Shamans & how connections happen
Dec-19Twin Soul (Divine Masculine & Femine) Meditation – Dakota
GeneralDimensions explained
Dec-19A visit to Sirius B – Facing my biggest fear
Dec-19Healing session with the Pleiadians
Dec-19Pleiadians – A glimpse of the next 6 months
Dec-19Numbers & Pearls
Dec-19Totem Plant & Animal meditation
Dec-19Numerological breakdown of Shift over next 5 years
Dec-19Happy New Year with Bob Marley & The Collective
Jan-20Dreamtime Disclosure
Jan-20Opening of Orion’s portal (Mathias de Stefano)
Jan-20I am ready to leave this 3D world
Feb-20Group session with Sekhmet, Kryon,Isis and Higher Self
Feb-20Timelines & Quantum Jumping explained
Feb-20The Elixir
Feb-20Native Americans on Gender
Mar-20Climate Change
Mar-20Meeting Mama Mieu
Apr-20Neptune Emissaries
Apr-20Dreamtime conversation with Aneeka
May-20A talk with Akirah on current affairs
May-20Bath meditation – Personal healing guideline received
May-20Meeting Source – Creation explained
May-20Meeting the Council of 7
May-20New Earth, the NWO/OWO, Trump & Mama Mieu
May-20Elves of Agartha


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