Akashic Records (Q & A #1)


Where have I been before?


Atlantis? I see an old temple, people, the desert on one side, the ocean on the other. I get the name Zara(h) again. A good, gentle, peaceful, late teens or young adult woman. I know have lived through all the ages and mostly always where the desert and the ocean join one another.

Healing powers, technology, esoteric wisdom and tricks were a daily occurrence. Some personalities/entities were more extroverted than others and the tricks only got grander and more impressive. Like showing off. It eventually got out of hand and caused a great “bugger up”. Almost like a lab experiment that goes wrong and a mess is left behind. In this case their tricks caused a negative reaction and Ego was created. Everybody was affected. Like an atomic cloud washes over every person, the same “wave” washed over humanity. Self-destructive. Ego affected each person but not all fell victim to it.

I stood by as a young observer, watching this unfold and made a conscious decision to not let Ego affect or rule my life. I can see this in my current life too. I am attracted to people that are humble, despite them being very rich or talented. I have a natural instinct to stay away, or avoid, egotistical people as their energy is not something I resonate with. Through the ages I have stayed the same, observing and also very aware of Ego and its negative effect on humanity. I did realize, however, that I may freely give thanks and acknowledge my own talents and strong points without automatically assuming it is egotistical of me!


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