It’s Happy Hour in the Cosmic Lounge!

It’s Happy Hour in the Cosmic Lounge!

Attention all Cosmic Explorers – It’s Happy Hour in the Cosmic Lounge!

Just like a baby has to be spoonfed soft foods before it learns to crawl, walk and eat solids, I too first had to start off with learning basics about the Self and who I am in this big pot of Cosmic soup.

For that reason I believe it had to take a number of years before I started receiving more Galactic information about our Cosmic Neighbours and Star Families. You very well cannot start feeding a baby a piece of steak now can you?… I first had to learn how my own physical system works, about my energetic bodies, my DNA, how to upgrade it and how to work with my Innate Self. I had to learn how to become present in a moment, to consciously shut out the 3D world for a while and to preserve my energy while also learning how to direct my focus and energy at the connection I wish to make.

It probably all sounds very monk-like and Zen to you but trust me, if you get the hang of the basics, the rest flows naturally! That is what nature is like and we ARE nature. One with our environment and our Cosmic systems. We just have to tune in.

So it came to be that 2019 was the year I got to meet more and more Cosmic races.

As I have been shown many earthly incarnations and situations of myself, the time came for expansion in order to see where my lineage and Cosmic Family originated from. More and more galactic history started surfacing and with it, often an emissary or guide from another star system to “show and tell”. Slowly I gathered puzzle pieces and got to know more about our Cosmic Family. The contact is ongoing and new information will be shared with all Starseeds as we are entering this time of escalated ascension and liberation. I shall use my discretion however as not all information is “for the greater good of humanity” at times, purely because as a collective humanity have possibly not quite reached a certain level of consciousness to grasp the full meaning of the message/info. Rest assured though, full disclosure shall happen as we are a massive community across many dimensions working towards the liberation and ascension of this unique human race currently resident on Gaia.

In the VIP series that follows only on the website, I will introduce all VIP members to the following species and give you more insight into their view points, their appearance, their planets, way of life and other helpful/interesting information etc.:

  • Lyrans
  • Vegans
  • Arcturians
  • Sirius (A & B)
  • Andromedans
  • Orion
  • Mars
  • Venus
  • Pluto
  • Saturn
  • Jupiter
  • Pleiadians
  • Antari / Centauri
  • Shambala
  • Inner Earth
  • Fairies / Elves / Pixie / Hobbits / Unicorn Realm
  • Dragon Realm
  • Shamanic Realm

This info will be updated whenever possible but WILL NOT be shared with the general public via the social media platforms and is exclusively for the Cosmic Journeys VIP Members.

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I sincerely hope you stick around and decide to check out the series for yourself. If you feel it may assist any other Starseed in your community, please feel free to point them to the VIP Cosmic Lounge.

As always… in Love, Light & Unity




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