The Cosmic VIP Lounge launch

The Cosmic VIP Lounge launch

This is your exclusive pre-launch invitation to the opening of the Cosmic Lounge on 1 June 2020!

From previous downloads received I know the world is in for some HUGE news this coming June. In lieu of that it was of the utmost importance that I set up the Cosmic VIP Lounge for followers as soon as possible.

The world has become flooded with tweets, posts and YT disclosures and at the best of times one cannot keep up with incoming intel or disclosures. In order to assist other starseeds, lightworkers and light warriors who also feel like their heads are spinning from social media platforms, I aimed to take your frustration out of scrolling through endless platforms, only to accidentally come upon something that tickles your fancy.

The content in the Cosmic Lounge is only for registered Cosmic VIP Members because, you know, being an insider must have it’s perks!

This then is your exclusive pre-launch invitation to become a VIP during this Cosmic Journey while attending this School called Earth.

As a VIP member will have first and exclusive access to personal channeling and information given to me by Team Zee, not shared with the public or on social media to date.

Vip Lounge And Martini Glass With Pink Border Real Neon Glass Tube Neon Sign

By looking at the extensive Index of 100+ topics, it is important to note that NONE of these experiences are made up, imagined or fictional, nor are they shared with anyone in the public, except you.

There are many exclusive offerings in the pipeline for VIP Members, so sign up now  (FOR FREE!) and be the first to know what is happening in the VIP Lounge.

As a Cosmic Lounge VIP member you will have exclusive access to:

  • See all Cosmic Journey articles first before its shared with the public on social media platforms;
  • Have free access to channeled information never shared with the public;
  • A private, secure and quick online reference on topics for quick personal fact-checking;
  • Fun Happy Hour events;
  • Readings (in person or online);
  • Personal sessions (in person or online);
Happy Hour Real Neon Glass Tube Neon Signs

I guarantee you will find something you resonate with and wish to share with others! Once you do, please feel free to send them an invitation to the Cosmic VIP Lounge. The more the merrier!

The only downside (for 3D me!) at present is that, as a “one-woman-show” at present and I am working as fast as I can to transcribe and upload everything and 3D time is slowing me down….. Grrrr! Nevertheless, I am working around the clock to upload as fast as possible and I hope you can keep up!

What an exciting time to be alive….

There is a New King of England, communism is being kicked to the curb, we saw a Dragon launch into space and the Cosmic VIP Lounge is officially the place to be!

Stay up to date by signing up here

In Love & Light ♥




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