Welcome Cosmic Journeys

Welcome Cosmic Journeys

Blessings to you & yours on this peaceful Sunday!

Three days ago, in a moment of Divine Madness, I decided my book should become a Blog and here it is… I am shamelessly proud of what I have achieved on my own in just 3 days and have gained SO MUCH respect for every Blogger and social media administrator out there.

You see, 10 years ago I decided to “extend and renovate” my home a bit as the cash came in. Of course you have to walk the talk and only once we actively (and proudly so for taking an actual step forward) sat down with an architect to draw up plans for the extensions, did the manifestation process actually start. But oh dear, once the carport was broken down, a wall had to be build, which affected the new upstairs section, forcing us to buy and build the new foundations etc. etc. etc….. Once we started we literally could not stop because of the knock-on effect this had!

In hindsight the creation of a “simple blog” now reminds me very much of my renovation experience for I am SO not an impulsive person (typical Capricorn!) and on the evening of 3 January 2018 I was so inspired by a Facebook post on Cobra Etheric Liberation group Read Post that I ran looking for my notes on “How to start a Blog” by Jessica Knapp (see notes).

The next thing I knew it was midnight and I have my own website and blog registered!

Bottom line, you want to start a blog? Remember that once you start setting up you cannot just stop as  every aspect of setting up a blog is so finely connected and unless you’ve got all your ducks in a row you will waddle around a bit (no pun intended) like I did until the wee hours of the morning. This was a fun and tiring lesson (journey!) but fast forward 3 days and I am proud to share with you:

  • The Cosmic Journeys Facebook page where you can interact and stay up to date on this Blog’s updates (Click here to check out the Cosmic Journeys page)
  • The closed Cosmic Explorers Facebook group. This group was totally not planned but I suspect possible Divine Intervention made this an added benefit where we will now all explore this world and beyond not only from this Blog but also as a united group in Facebook where EVERYONE HAS A VOICE. The rules are really simple: Post, share, learn without judgement or discrimination for we are One.
    (Click here to become a Cosmic Explorer)

Much is being planned for this blog and it will continuously be updated so keep an eye out. Many varied topics will be touched on and if you have any topic/s you would like to learn more of, please contact us via any of the various methods available throughout these abovementioned pages.

In Love, Light & Unity I thank you for joining me in my Cosmic Journeys




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