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12D Shielding Technique
Address to the Federation

or on Gosia‘s Spanish channel especially created for the Federation Llamada desde Planeta Tierra (Please like & share!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sW68h6CYnE&t=52s

Introduction to Numerology
Meeting Cosmic Journeys & Zee
4D Implant Device Removal Meditation

Shaman Short: Sacred Fire Ceremony
Daily ABC
Guided Meditation for Panic, Anxiety & Stress
30 Day Abundance Manifestation Mantra
11:11 (2020) Gateway Activation & Past Life Regression
Full 2021 Global Tarot Forecast (Intro to all months – Follow playlist!)
Pleiadian message to Humanity (2020 – 2026)

Journey of Souls (Part 1)
Journey of Souls (Part 2)


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