Karmic Board

Rest assured, not all cultures, religions or galactic species believe in Karma. Whether you believe in Karma or not, the fact that the term exist means it has become a reality for those that believe in it. There are also those that believe Karma did affect us in the past, yet it no longer has to if we so choose…. I would classify myself as being a part of the latter group, much like Kryon.

Karma comes from the Sanskrit word, karam, or action. The Law of Karma talks about the consequences of our actions. Or in other words, cause and effect. You may or may not call it karma, but for most of us, we have one of the following ideas already implanted.

  • You reap what you sow;
  • What goes around comes around;
  • You get what you give;
  • Life always come “full circle”;

In this article I endeavor to explain both sides of the coin and leave it up to you to discern the facts mentioned, and decide what you resonate with.

Karmic Board

There are various website you may find on your search for the Karmic Board. Mostly, descriptions and paragraphs have been copied and pasted from one website to another numerous times, with the odd personal touch of understanding in between.

As I have personally interacted with some of these board members in their individual capacity I have since done my own research as to who they are and where they fit in in this Karmic Board. My understanding of the Board is as follow:

  • They consist of 8 members;
  • All souls must pass before them before and after incarnations, receiving their assignments and karmic allotments before each lifetime as well as the review of performance thereafter;
  • They have access to everyone’s Akashic Records;
  • They work in consonance with the “I AM PRESENCE” and the “CHRIST SELF”;
  • They determine when every soul has earned the right to be free of the Karmic Wheel;

The Karmic Board Members

Most descriptions are from https://thegoldenpathway.org/ and you are welcome to check them out in depth.

Great Divine Director (1st Ray)

The Great Divine Director serves the Karmic Board on the first ray (blue ray) of God’s holy will. He assists mankind in overcoming their human creation of karma. He is a cosmic being and is the manu (lawgiver and archetype) of the seventh root race. His causal body is a giant blue sphere that surrounds the entire planet and he has merged his consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God’s divine plan.

The Great Divine Director is often depicted with a large blue belt with dazzling jewels and dazzling light rays emanating from his heart, throat and head. When you pray to him, these powerful light rays provide protection for your chakras and help you fulfill your divine plan.

He administers the use of the Disc of Light that you may visualize as focusing a whirling action of the violet flame. This disc rotates at the speed of light in a clockwise direction to draw into its center the substance in your electronic belt (momentums of misqualified energy around your lower physical body) and in your four lower bodies.”


Goddess of Liberty (2nd Ray)

The Goddess of Liberty is the spokesman for the Karmic Board and representative of the second ray (yellow) on the Board. She enshrines the cosmic consciousness of liberty for the earth. As portrayed in the magnificent statue which she inspired, she wears a crown of seven rays that focus the power of the seven mighty Elohim (Elohim is a uni-plural noun referring to the twin flames of the Godhead that comprise the “Divine Us.”).

The Goddess of Liberty has taken the Bodhisattva vow to remain in the service of earth until every man, woman, and child has made his ascension.


Lady Master Nada (3rd Ray)

This picture is a close resemblance as to how I encountered Lady Nada. Searching for a picture of her showed a blonde mostly, and I can only conclude that this must have become the main image over time as presented by Western artists.

I have always seen her as a brunette, presented in Arabian/Biblical/Indian dress. She is a Chohan of the 6th Ray (purple/gold) and works with the solar plexus. Apparently she has an etheric retreat in Saudi Arabia. She is one of the 8 Karmic Board Members also dealing with the gift of speaking in tongues and the interpretation thereof.

Lady Master Nada is the chohan (lord) of the sixth ray of peace, ministration, and service. On the Karmic Board, she serves as the representative of the third ray (pink ray) of divine love. Nada assists all those who are involved in serving the needs of others.


Elohim Cycopea (4th Ray)

Cyclopea ensouls the vision of the consciousness of God for all life, and is known as the All-Seeing Eye of God. Cyclopea represents the fourth ray of purity on the Karmic Board.

“Let the power of your vision expand. Let the power of God’s light within you be a radiating glow-ray to act as a sword of penetration…and reveal the path toward the infinite mastership that is to be found posited within your own God Presence, I AM.”

You can ask Cyclopea to bless you now, and help you fulfill your divine plan if you have transmuted a certain level of your karma. “You who have reached that certain level…shall receive from me, as long you call to me each day, assistance in outpicturing your divine blueprint in small things and in great things, in planetary things and in the systems of worlds.”


Cyclopea is the Elohim of Vision, and his cosmic consciousness ensouls the vision of the Creator. Creation is an action of the faculty of God’s vision. Cyclopes holds the vision for all of life, and thus he is known as the All-Seeing Eye of God.


Pallas Athena (5th Ray)

Pallas Athena ensouls the cosmic consciousness of Truth. On the Karmic Board, she serves as the representative of the fifth ray (green ray) of truth, healing, supply and precipitation. Her twin flame is the Maha Chohan, the representative of the Holy Spirit to the earth.

Whenever you are engaged in a service to God and to the ascended masters, pray to Pallas Athena and her legions of Truth to go before you, to be bearer of Truth for the binding of the force of anti-truth or Antichrist.


Lady Master Portia (6th Ray)

Lady Master Portia represents the sixth ray (purple and gold ray) of ministration and service. She keeps the flame of justice and opportunity on behalf of the evolutions of earth. She is known as the Goddess of Justice as well as the Goddess of Opportunity.

Beloved Portia holds the scales of justice. These scales symbolize the perfect balance of justice blended with the perfect apportionment of mercy. Portia counsels individuals before they come into embodiment to maximize the opportunity of their given life.


Kuan Jin (7th Ray)

Kuan Yin is the Bodhisattva and Goddess of Mercy, because she embodies the God-qualities of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the seventh ray (violet ray).

“For many of you I have pleaded before the Lords of Karma for the opportunity to embody, to be whole, to not have dealt to you in the physical the great karma of being maimed and blinded at birth that some of you have deserved.”

“You do not realize how much has hung in the balance of your own life because mercy’s flame has been available to you….I say this that you might also have the wisdom to understand that when mercy has been accorded for a time, you are expected to deliver the fruits of mercy, following the works of the Lord and the way of wisdom.”


Vairochana (8th Member)

Vairochana is one of the Five Dyahni Buddhas, transcendent beings who represent various aspects of divine consciousness and are guides to spiritual transformation.

Vairochana recently became the eighth member of the Karmic Board. His color is white (or blue) symbolizing a pure consciousness. His mission is to dispel all ignorance.


It is interesting to note how many of these members are to be seen in the USA…. Think Statue of Liberty, Lady Justice, the all-seeing eye on money….

What does Kryon say?

I have interacted with Kryon personally and have come to understand his presence in our day and age. He speaks with a universal wisdom and also discloses truths as and when humanity is ready to comprehend it. Upon being asked about Negative Karma and the human’s choices, he had this to say:

“There’s no such thing as negative karma. Again, Humans wish to polarize everything and place it into a box. This box is then carried from place to place as a singular and linear process. It isn’t.

The definition of karma: Karma is the energy of incompletion. It begs to be solved, and drives a Human being to behave a certain way, live in a certain place, and meet other specific Humans for resolution. It was created and worked in an older Earth energy as a way to move the energy of the planet vibrationally one way or the other as humanity worked the karma with total free choice.

If you clear your karma, you are releasing an old energy and moving on to one where you are free to help the planet with your light. This is your free choice, and it is driven by your intent. Those with the “attitude” of pure spiritual intent will indeed move into that new attribute of being a Human with no past-life karma. Part of this process is the understanding that becoming interdimensional means blending the past, present and future (potential) into a new reality called “the now.” This “now” leaves no room for “past karmic instruction sets” within the DNA.

If you were to clear your karma, then go on to do what you deem as inappropriate things, then you place upon yourself (free choice) attributes that you’ll be forced to deal with immediately, in this life. Creating new karma, the kind that’s passed from lifetime to lifetime, is no longer done. Again, these kind of questions are the result of those who wish to analyze God. To try to analyze God within a single-digit reality is folly. Can you analyze love? Can you set rules for angelic thought?

It’s time to grasp all of this as “the way things work.” Many use the machines of Earth to get from one place to the other without a full and complete understanding and disclosure of every working part in the mechanism. If they had to have that, no one would ever get anywhere! They would forever be bogged down in study, and many would never understand. Yet there are always those who feel that everything must make 4D sense to move on. If they can’t understand it, they’re afraid of it. This fear will keep them in one place all their lives.

It’s time for you to fully grasp the principle that the mechanics of God are beautiful, mystical, and constantly with you. You’re never alone, and you never have to wonder if this or that is “known” of “God. All is known, and the system is loving and wise. Now… use this system to move to another place.”

Kryon on DNA & Karma

Besides revealing to us how everything is locked within our DNA, Kryon is one of the greatest cheerleaders of our time when it comes to teaching us how to work with our Innate Selves, our DNA and how to get rid of the “old energy” by stopping negative Karma. This is his view on Karma overall:

We define karma perhaps differently than you do. We call it “unfinished energy.” Its finish-able at any time you wish, through a number of methods. When we first arrived here as a collective grid-moving entity-group, we spoke to you about your ability to void this attribute of karma – to finish unfinished energy. This unfinished energy from what you call your past, which we call your now, lays upon many of you even this day right where you are hearing or reading. You’ve never understood it. Some of you have seen it as a plight. Some of have just agreed it would always be with you, not understanding for a moment that you could void it by simply claiming the fact. But the karma was in the old energy, before the marker was delivered to you in this fashion. Let me give you a secret, to allow some of this to now begin to make sense. Do you know what the difference between the old Human in the old energy and the new Human in the new energy is? It’s in the DNA! Let me give you this new piece of information:

Pure-bred Indigo children are born without karma!

Now, look at the Indigos and what they are trying to do. Look at how they act and react. This information may explain a great deal about what you are seeing in the children… and it’s not about unfinished business. It’s about new business.

One of the attributes of the Indigos is that they are born with an overview that you did not have, and is still unnamed by you. It’s something upon their DNA layers that was never a part of what you had. Call it life lesson if you wish. I’m going to call it earth lesson. The Indigos are here for a purpose – collectively, and they know what it is. It is to begin to create the New Jerusalem [the metaphor Kryon uses for peace on Earth].

In the old energy, there was never an attribute placed within the DNA that was specific to the earth, and now there is. Your indigenous peoples had to learn it, and your modern society threw it away, but the new children come in with it intact: Your karmic lessons, contracts, and karma were all about you and your personal growth. Now, suddenly, the Indigos carry full knowledge about what they can do for the earth, and this will be the passion for many of them.

My Conclusion

For eons we as humans have been so brainwashed and trained to believe that “somebody bigger, better, richer, smarter or higher up” must always be in charge. That we are not capable of being in charge of our own thoughts and actions. Unless we occupy a position of affluence or status we will have to suffer the consequences/punishment/reward/ that those in charge bestow upon us.

In this day and age it’s called being a sheep!

As a human you want nothing more than to fit in with your community, society, your colleagues etc. and you never stop to realize that you possess the ability to also become a leader in your community, your own boss, much less realize exactly how sovereign you are! On this planet, across all time, space and dimensions but most of all, OVER YOUR OWN CONSCIOUSNESS!

This is exactly where I would like to point out the importance of you realizing what our star families have been trying to say to us for so long:

Your are Sovereign and the Creator of your own existence! The good, the bad and the ugly…

Truly, what you think and believe is what you will create. To date humans have been manipulated, brainwashed and made to believe in another’s reality. As long as you are being made to live in fear, fearing the punishment you may receive for “going against the rules”, they have you just where they want you. A submissive sheep. One who does not believe that he can steer himself in the right direction but must be herded to “safety” with the rest.

Try this as an exercise: Close your eyes for 5 minutes and imagine your ideal circumstances…. The home you dream of, in any part of the world, living with the most complementary partner you could wish for, a circle of friends or family members that just “get you”, doing what you love with passion and creativity every single day AND earning a living from it……what do you see?

Now…. what if I told you: YOU CAN HAVE THIS! How? Just by believing in yourself and that you are the only one blocking this from happening.

Yes, that is correct. You are the one who chooses to stay in that abusive relationship because you fear what will become of you if you had to pack up and leave your little home you’ve become familiar with. You are the one who chooses to get up at the crack of dawn every morning to commute to a job where you work for a self-serving boss while trying to be nice to the two-faced colleagues. You hate every moment there yet you choose not to go online and search for another form of employment which may be gentler on your soul. You are also the one that quite possibly still live at home with your parents while secretly being envious of those friends that just bought a flat.

All of these are connected to emotions….and emotion is the language that the Universe understands. Feeling jealous? The Universe sends you more situations with jealousy. Feeling angry and frustrated? Yup, you guessed it, the Universe sends you more of what you are feeling. How to fix it? Start placing yourself in a position where you feel utter joy and happiness so the Universe may send you more. If it is not practically possible at this very moment, start with imagination! Spend 10 minutes a day just daydreaming or visualizing like the exercise I gave you above. Soon you’ll find yourself smiling and that is a sure sign that you are now communicating with the Universe.

In general, can you see how the common denominator here is fear? Fear of the unknown. Because you have not yet pushed a boundary to see what possibilities exist out there, what you may even be capable of or simply because you believe the label another has put on you? Those in power work in mysterious ways and often use us and those around us to be the instruments to keep you in submission. Tell me again why you would allow another being to label you as x, y or z when you know for a fact that that is not who you are or the intentions you have? You have to understand that it is purely their perception of you for whatever misunderstood reason and it is no valid reason for YOU to believe the reality they would like you to comply with. Stand up for yourself, your beliefs and the fact that YOU MATTER!

Remember the wise words from James Baldwin:

The bottom line is that you CAN create your ideal world and circumstances just by choosing something different. This is what our star families are trying to wake us up to. If this is a foreign concept to you, please invest in listening to the Pleiadians. They confirm that we are extremely powerful creators but are too blinded by the fear and propaganda being shoved in our faces every day.

The same goes for Karma. Once you realize that you can actually stop negative Karma from returning and repeating in your life, why would you continue living in a state of belief that this old energy is still ruling your existence?

Do you know what I do? I simply state that I have learned all life lessons I had to in a certain regard and now I declare that NEGATIVE KARMA IS STOPPED. Only positivity may henceforth enter my space. Lastly I offer a sincere Hoʻoponopono prayer for all involved and call it a day. And so it is.

We are Sovereign, we are free, we are ONE!

In Love, Light & Unity