Cosmic Shaman, Spiritual Healer & Guide

We have all been called to wake up before and know how terribly the body can rebel against the waking up process. Some are just born morning- people who leap out of bed with a song in their heart. Me, not so much. I prefer having a strong cup of the best Java before you should even attempt getting my attention.

In terms of spiritual awakening I reckon I have been pretty fortunate though as I’ve grown up with visions as a small child and my mother was a medium, albeit a very reluctant one. To me it was normal to talk about “unwelcome visitors” or prophetic dreams like my father used to have. My mother was obviously sensed by the “other side” and often they would just appear to her to communicate, say hello or leave a message, much to her irritation or shock, depending on the message. They would appear randomly, in all shapes and forms, even in their mangled death state. To her this was very unsettling. Remember, back in the 70’s being a medium, channel or intuitive psychic was not as popular, nor glamorized as it is in the 21st century. There were no books written on these topics and having anything to do with “the other side” was considered un-Christian and evil. Unfortunately churches and religion contributed a lot of damage to spirituality by creating fear in their attempt to control the masses. I believe even Dolores Cannon* experienced the same judgment when her and her husband started doing past life regression hypnosis sessions at the Naval Base where they were stationed back in 60’s. The funny thing is, she was not even a medium but merely a qualified hypnotherapist. She happened to “tap into” a patient’s Higher Self by accident one day while doing a past life regression session and the rest is history like they say. Nonetheless, they were severely judged and despite writing many, many books during that time, they were all before “their time” and had to be shelved as the world was just not ready to see, hear or read about these “evil” shenanigans. She persevered and after time off to raise children and take care of her husband after a horrifying car crash, she resumed her work with earnest. This time the world started awakening and by the time Dolores passed in 2014 she had written 19 books and became infamous for her past life regression work. She is very much infamous in the spiritual community!

As far as my own awakening was concerned, I have always been “in tune” with the spiritual world and very interested in anything paranormal. I would gobble up books about anything paranormal and horror movies have always been my favorite. Anything in my opinion that could really happen like a haunting or an exorcism fascinated me. Slasher movies and the likes of Freddie Kruger was a laugh a minute for me and bored me silly. As a little girl of about 3 or 4 I had visions while in bed and the monster faces would terrify me. My mother would comfort me and allow me to sleep in their bed, much to my father’s irritation. In hindsight my mother obviously understood how I felt and had sympathy for her young, defenceless child. At age 9 or 10, I would again see the face of my deceased grandfather outside the bedroom window and my mom advised me to pray and ask God to take this away. I do believe she must have poured extra intention into this whole prayer on my behalf for everything stopped. I never again saw any visions but my sensing of nearby energies never disappeared. Only once I was a mature young lady did I realize that she probably did not want me to be “cursed” with a gift like she was and decided to step in like the mama-bear she was. I have no resentment for this intervention and I am grateful as this probably would have been a distraction from my growing up process. Granted, this was a hectic earthly ride I have picked out! I have nonetheless learned how to differentiate between the different energies through the years and have always been very aware of all energy around me as well as the impression they give. I have felt extreme evil and negativity and wish this on nobody. I have also felt your very common “visitors” just popping in to say hallo. They mean no harm and disappear as soon as you acknowledge them. The only downside to this sensing of energy is that you cannot SEE what you are sensing. This was initially very scary but with time I could quickly differentiate between the types and the fear would either disappear or I would quickly “call my bouncers” for protection.

As time went by I would explore various topics, read numerous books, follow paranormal TV series’, devour documentaries and also visit a few esoteric markets and psychic mediums. Growing up I had more than my fair share of dealing with death, accidents, loss of valuable connections and for the greater part of my life I was searching for answers. I was looking to re-connect with loved ones whom I missed terribly. I needed answers to pivotal events, their love, guidance and perhaps a word of encouragement for this lonely life path I felt I was travelling on. My first two life partners were not as fascinated with the spiritual part of our earthly journeys but accepted my passion and interest in the bizarre and esoteric without judgement. For that alone I am extremely grateful as I see many people in a loving relationship having to hide their interest or calling from the other. On a cosmic soul level this is such a sad sight to see yet I also fully understand that this is the life they have chosen to live. By that I mean I believe that as souls we all decide beforehand where, what and who will be involved in the journey you will undertake to your path to enlightenment.
We are all family of the light and some form clusters. The ones in your life, be it a lover, friend, colleague or family member are all part of your soul cluster and have decided to work together in helping each other achieve their spiritual goals. Ever notice how you have been friends with a person your whole life? They keep appearing and disappearing in your life. At other times you meet someone and there is an instant connection – you just “click”. That is a soul connection. A kindred spirit or a familiar. Cherish them and be grateful for the part they play. My third life partner is just such a person and on the deepest soul level I have come to understand the soul agreement we have. Yes we fight, have different views on a few things, are both headstrong and know the other better than they know themselves which makes for terrible leverage in a fight yet I know with my whole being we are Yin and Yang. We have traveled very far and have found one another again in this lifetime. We know this and together we are 100% in sync with our spiritual interests. In this day and age of *Full Disclosure, *Gaia and *The Event being at the forefront, we are experiencing cosmic change with front row seats! What a spiritual privilege to experience this with a twin flame. There are so many that crave that deep connection with their life partner and I can see the hurt or awe in their eyes when they look at the two of us. Blessed is an understatement yet I believe we have agreed to share many lifetimes already and will always be a pillar of strength, test and strength in one another chosen journey.