Childhood Memories

Cosmic Shaman, Spiritual Healer & Guide

The path I’ve walked since birth has had many a bump and bend and took me down depressing yet valuable paths. In hindsight I feel I’ve led the life of traveler, a gypsy, learning, adapting, surviving!

I was born on a Capricorn in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. The baby of the family. My sister 9 years and my big brother 7 years my senior respectively. In a nutshell my Bio looks as follow:
• My parents mysteriously divorce when I’m 6
• My father remarries two years later when I’m 8
• Suddenly my family grew from 3 to 6 children (3 boys, 3 girls)
• Mom never remarried but dated a “grumpy/loud” German
• I lived between mom and grandparents due to mom’s cancer
• Mom passes away from cancer when I’m 12
• My biological brother pass away in motorbike accident 8 months later when I’m 13
• A few months later my grandfather passes away from liver cancer
• Before my 14th birthday I had to move in with dad and stepmom
• At age 14 I reckon I passed the first year of high school by the skin of my teeth
• Mom’s mother continues to be my rock and support from afar
• Meet my first husband at a dance, age 15
• Matriculate on time at 18
• Tertiary study at Stellenbosch (Business & Computers) at age 19
• Move out, create my own home
• Father diagnosed with Alzheimers
• Paternal Grandmother passes away from Parkinsons
• Inherit a house and a block of flats from paternal grandmother
• Get married May 1997, age 23
• Sell all property and move to Namibia October 1998
• Open a restaurant
• 5 Months later my husband is in devastating motorbike accident
• I celebrate our 2nd anniversary with my comatosed ex in ICU
• Husband in a coma for 3 months, in hospital for a total of 5 months
• Upon his return home, I realize he is blind and lost 10 years’ memory
• December 1999 he goes home to his parents for “holiday”, never to return
• Middle 2000 we are officially divorced
• I meet my 2nd husband
• We move to Cape Town to start afresh, life and business
• January 2001 we get married
• September 2001 my father pass away from Alzheimers
• I inherit his home and a few belongings but “give” the home to my step-brother, presumably because they had a gentleman’s agreement that he may purchase the house
• October 2001 we move to Gauteng due to great work demands
• For 10 years we are married and run our own business
• January 2011 we officially divorce and I move home to Cape Town
• I meet up with my 3rd time lucky hubby again after 22 years (His divorce just starts and drags on for 12 months with an emotional and physical ripple effect lasting several years thereafter)
• I start working at auditors and get retrenched after 5 months
• I start working as a director’s PA and again get retrenched after 2 years
• Job hunting for 3 months in 2013
• Go back to conveyancing, driving almost 100km per day to work/back
• Found a job 10 minutes from home in Feb 2015
• December 2017 and life has finally planed out it seems

2018 – 2019 is very 3D and we are very much part of the evolutionary world

2020 – The biggest chess games hits planet Earth and with it comes many losses. Health, jobs, dignity, freedom of speech etc.