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Cosmic Shaman, Spiritual Healer & Guide


The Neptune consciousness has made it clear to me that they have been inhabitants of Earth for a very long time, at least 15,000 years of our time.



There were jungle like scenes with inner caverns and colors varied between bronze, brown and black. The caverns (caves) were extremely large.


The Age of Action

As Sovereign Beings that have started waking up to the manipulation and abuse enforced on humanity by the elite, the governments, secret agendas and programmes, off-planet interference etc, we now realize that we can no longer sit back and just “observe” the abuse going on,


Removal of 4D implants

They can block the flow of a certain energy, keep one or more of our chakras shut down, siphon off our life force, keep negative programming running in our fields and interfere with the actualization of our natural gifts.


How to go from Sen-Soar-Ship to Zen-sorship

We are starseeds, we are lightworkers, we are the community leaders and teachers, we are the voices of tomorrow. We dare not be silenced yet we shall dare to encourage all others like us to step out of the victim mentality and step into their power!



In September 2019 the Andromedans informed me that Saturn also have, among other, frequency-only beings and that they are the ones “managing” our Soul Projects by manipulating us to play the Matrix Game).